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Just ordered a Glencairn set.
Here are a selection of my favourites

The golfer was a gift and I love how base heavy it is

The Balvenie tumbler was a gift from David Stewart the malt master at Balvenie during one of my visits

The crystal glass is one of 3 I have left as a set for a wedding gift 23 years ago

and the nosing glass was a gimme from a tasting event I attended in Edinburgh long before these became available to buy, on fact, this was from before my daughter was born and she is 16 in a weeks time

If my choice were to drink a 30 yr malt alone from any of these or a 12 yr malt from a plastic cup with a friend, I know what I would rather do.





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If I wasn't in Texas I would post my travel cup and my friendship sipper.
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I will try to take pics and post my mug. You're going to want one!!!

I also have some nice glasses. The nicest being those that Ty gifted me so so many years ago... (I think I was still married)
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