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My tea bags are moist
(10-12-2012, 08:36 AM)Parkster Wrote: A spouse was being hit in the NY area ..... I was teabaggin a BOTL's wife ...... there ..... I've fessed up.

Well that is certainly uncalled for lol

Just remember. Moist teabags lead to fungus. Wanna take care of that as soon as you can.
Well?? Where's the "bagging"?

I'm running out of popcorn..... Big Grin
If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Parkster has enlisted some riffraff from the west coast to join his Black Ops Regiment. Today I was texting Maytag Man making general references about being the real father of his child and he seemed to take it in stride. Ten minutes later a box arrived at the house from him. He claims it wasn't retaliation for my comments and that he is just an obedient solider following General Parksters orders.
[Image: 098946C7-3F91-4FF7-94FB-C18DEFDCF0F6-106...E1ADFC.jpg]
I would fully blame Maytag for this but there were tea bags included so Parkster had to have been behind this uncalled for attack. Either way you're both ba$tards and I thank you.
Nice! Maytag comes out of his cave long enough to do a support teabagging. Beautiful art work.
"I will strive to live with love & care—upon the level by the square"
It seems I got hit also by Maytagman! Details to come!
The final part of my beat down on Tank and Dooley

I had these shipped to him so long ago that he had to move house to drop off of the grid before waiting for my orders to let loose

Thanks again Bill

And a big thank you to our resident artists
The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why
Very cool

Now Parkster has delivery boys.. What's next..
They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
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Weak people seek Revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people Ignore
(10-13-2012, 07:14 AM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: Now Parkster has delivery boys.. What's next..

Whats next is a brief lull in the conflict to allow people to lick their wounds, or in Tanks case, to find a fresh supply of moist wipes ....... then .....

#10 will be set free.

#11's gate will be left open briefly to allow it to find its own way.


#12 will ease itself to its target. A fitting end to 2012's international incidents.

The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why

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