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My tea bags are moist
Excellent hit there Mr. Dave...
They call me The Mum - Jimmie the Mum
Viva Mumcero - Mahk 12/4/2010 -
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Weak people seek Revenge, Strong people Forgive, Intelligent people Ignore
Great hit on Tarheel. He's been getting mighty uppity with his bombing raids, so a good smack by Parkster was in order. Enjoy Jeremy!
"I will strive to live with love & care—upon the level by the square"
I just need to stock up and i will hit again. No supplies right now.
1 more
The 2 most important days of your life are: The day you were born & the day you find out why
hopefully it will hit tomorrow Dave.
(10-08-2012, 07:31 AM)Parkster Wrote: 1 more

[Image: scotsman.png]

It's time for payback Parkster.
Tank preparing for war
[Image: F7B09B1F-D70E-4251-B61A-107287360230-103...528B96.jpg]
Tank with his game face on
[Image: 85F1A831-D191-4DF0-8684-BD8BFC9BC300-103...2AFBA2.jpg]
The North Dakota Scotsman
[Image: 5068C2B7-4584-432F-9E75-E73AD1CDF8C6-103...D80D6D.jpg]
After preparing for war we decided to have a smoke
[Image: B253191C-D823-4077-9346-E86EFE7E1F45-103...558777.jpg]
Then decided to just let it all hang out
[Image: 4F1AD812-7B6B-465C-A6CF-10204FBAA53B-103...6D4B8E.jpg]
[Image: 6E6F6315-D464-4FCE-913C-A2629B54F454-103...8B65DC.jpg]
Tank trying to seduce the enemy
[Image: 40482F7D-7B60-4FA5-9C88-57E2330C19B6-103...1BBBC4.jpg]
[Image: BD86C2C3-9A45-4A3A-AE44-091EF670BA06-103...F7FE6D.jpg]
[Image: 500D965C-BB1C-4FE0-8BAD-2E175F8056F6-103...DE4400.jpg]
I gotta admit it worked on me
[Image: E7075BDD-67AE-41E3-90AF-FD6C848D6D47-103...39E9A5.jpg]
Something seriously wrong with you two.

If Sonny had EZ-Pass, he'd have survived that hit...
Never apologize mister, it's a sign of weakness. - Capt. Nathan Cutting Brittles
Now I know what Parkster's everyday cigars look like!

[Image: 086D85B3-CF27-493E-B8F2-BC94B96A4261-264...C50321.jpg]

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