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Miami Heat/Humidity vs Cigars - The Fight Continues
So as the topic states, I find myself continually battling the Miami Heat and Humidity with my humidors. With the newest Indulgence standing humidor joining my ranks I find myself constantly struggling with fluctuating RH levels to the point I have taken out both xikar rectangle humidifiers to determine what a non humidified humidor RH level would be at.

Last I checked when I had the humidifiers in there it was way to high, with 1 of the humidifiers in it would fluctuate between 69 to 75% RH. With the constant debate between what is better either a 65% or 70% RH level I wonder if it is worth it to just purchase a bead system to keep the cigars at a regulated 65% RH and hope that with the Miami weather it won't get above 70%.

But before making any purchases I wanted to get all of your thoughts / insights in doing this. Thank you all for your help in advance!
What is the ambient humidity in the room the humidors are stored in?
What is the temperature?
Jonathan Charles Axisa, my beloved son, 11/7/1979 - 7/8/2010

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I know that Bryan Glynn from Cigar Obsession lives in FL and said in one of his videos that he keeps his humis at 65% because when he takes the cigars out to smoke they start to absorb moisture from the air.
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Kind of have this going in two different threads at the moment I think I was originally in your thread Ari but thank you for the help I guess waiting to see if beads work in a similar fashion as using


In my xikar


I would think that it should maintain it at 70% RH but I'm no expert, if it does work in same fashion I'll get the solution for 65% RH and use that! Would save me money from purchasing additional beads/system
As someone said in the other thread adding a humidification system filled with either distilled water or solution is not going to help reduce humidity. You would have better luck putting that Xikar humidifier in there dry.

I have to deal with high humidity in the summer its simple I remove my humidifier that's it. In the winter i have to deal with very low humidity. You know what I do then? Add humidifiers as needed.

Really this is being made much more difficult than it needs to be.

Can we get back to have one thread about this now?

silica gel

a great commercial product is "Damp Rid".

they will all reduce humidity.

just be careful, most of these have a very low target humidity. I find that relocating my humidors do more for adjusting the humidity than anything. Typically the humidor may be in a location that is not optimal. Try a different spot or a different room.

Just make sure the temperature is fairly constant where every you chose. A set-back thermostat is your worst enemy. Just a simple example, the temperature goes up during the day (when you aren't home and you have your set-back set to push your AC to 84 to save some $) so this is a lot more energy (heat) to help excite the water molecules and allow more conversion into vapor (evaporation). So lets say you had everything happy at 68% and the temp was 72. Then the temp jumps to 84 for a few hours. This will equate to a much lower RH as it is relative to temperature (as warmer air can support more water vapor). So the RH drops then climbs... Then at 5pm your set-back kicks in to 72 degrees... As the temperature cools the RH may read in the high 80's until that vapor can condense back into water.
This daily movement will ruin your cigars for sure.
Jonathan Charles Axisa, my beloved son, 11/7/1979 - 7/8/2010

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Thank you Skipper for your help!

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