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Job interview tomorrow.
So I am excited. I have an interview at a restaurant called Alexander's Distillery at Inn on the Creek in Salado Texas. They are going to expand the menu and hours and were talking to me about a garden to supply produce and herbs for the restaurant. Hopefully all goes well and it is a good fit. I miss fine dinning.
Jeremy, Good luck on the interview! Let us know how it goes, Brother.
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Best of luck brother! I'm sure it will work out for the best.
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Good luck man!!!!
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Good luck bud! I hope you get the job!
Good luck!

The job sounds like fun. Good luck!
Good luck Jeremy

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Well interview went great. I am going back Friday to run their kitchen for the evening and I am sure they will offer me the job as Chef de Cuisine. But I do have a interview at a different location tomorrow for a GM position.
That's awesome and great that you have more than 1 option.....good luck and congrats!

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