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I felt creative/so create I did
And it came out great.

My woman asked me for a drink. She wanted something mixed. Having just returned form dinner at Joe's Crab Shack where she ordered and finished their trademark "category 5 hurricane" (limit 2 per customer)... I let my mind run free.
The other day I told her I had no orange juice so she brought over some Tropicana fruit punch (it was on sale) so...
noticing that many of the drinks at the crab shack had both vodka and rum, I went to work...

In a tall (what we used to call) highball glass
[Image: 02.04.highball.jpg]
fill part way with ice then add 1 jigger of vodka
[Image: KetelOneVodka.jpg]
i jigger of white rum
[Image: bacardi%20superior.gif]
Fill with punch (probably room for 3 jiggers at most)
[Image: 64oz_Chilled_FruitPunch.png]
Stir then float on an ounce or 2 of Galliano Liqueur
[Image: galliano750.jpg]

It was great enough to share with you and to write down to make again!
Note, 3 jiggers of hootch and maybe 3 of juice... this is not something you want to drink 3 or 4 of... (not to mention all the sugar).
But for those occasions you want something sweet, maybe your woman wants a sweet drink...

Jonathan Charles Axisa, my beloved son, 11/7/1979 - 7/8/2010

Ғµ(Ķ Cancer
Sounds good...


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