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Padilla Artemis Robusto
I picked up a few of these when I saw them on special at Cigars International. I had been reading a little about them on social media and I knew I had to try them. The thing that really grabbed my attention was the use of argonosa leaf in this cigar. I have had quite a few cigars that use this same leaf, and I’ve always had great experiences with them. With that said, let’s move on to the review!

[Image: IMAG0264.jpg]

Pre-Light: Before I lit up the 5 x 54 box pressed stick, I pulled the cigar out of it’s cellophane, and ran it across my nose to get an idea of the aromas that the stick produced. I got a nice hot spice smell, with some awesome pure tobacco notes, with some sweetness as well. If the initial aromas are anything resembling what the cigar will taste like, I can tell you that this cigar will be a staple in my humidor.

[Image: IMAG0265.jpg]

1/3: As I started on this cigar, I got a nice floral note, with some interesting strong tobacco flavors, and cayenne like spice on the tongue. The ash is holding pretty solid, and the smoke is billowing. The draw on the cigar is a bit more snug than I’d like, but it does not deter from the great flavors and smoke coming from this cigar. So far, I am glad I pulled the trigger on these, and I’m already looking for more online!

[Image: IMAG0267.jpg]

2/3: As I continued on this cigar, the pure, in your face tobacco flavor of Argonosa leaf is really making itself known, as is the pure hot spice of cayenne, with a light floral note on the tongue on retrohale. Thus far, the complexity of a smoke for the price I paid, is second to none. I am REALLY enjoying this cigar, and am already on the hunt for more!

[Image: IMAG0268.jpg]

3/3: As I finished up this cigar, I got a lot of the floral flavors with some serious straight tobacco flavors, and a kickin’ amount of smoke and the draw has also loosened up at this point. I am enjoying the complexity of flavors offered in this cigar, and I am for SURE going to find some more of these for a regular smoke.

[Image: IMAG0269.jpg]

Overall Impression: Overall, I was very impressed with the flavors and complexity of this cigar. For the price I paid, I expected the cigar to be decent (as most Padilla branded cigars are), but I didn’t expect this cigar to be GREAT, which it was, in my opinion. I loved the complexity, the full tobacco flavor, and the power behind the smoke. This smoke was a great stick to smoke at lunch, and I am already on the hunt for more. If you haven’t tried this cigar yet, be sure to try and find a few to try. I know I am picking up more for my own personal enjoyment!

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I had some of the torpedoes and thought they were OK. If you really like them I'd gobble them up. They have been discontinued I believe
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Nice review thanks for sharing

Man, now you have me wanting to smoke my one that I have.......nice review.
They are a good Stick
Glad you liked it. Though not bad per se, I did find it to be a little flat.


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