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need a little networking help/advice
How much work goes into fishing the cable through the wall? Right now my directv cable just pops up through the floor. Jacks would make it look much nicer for sure. And they look pretty easy.
A little rope or paracord dropped down through the wall/floor, then tied to cable, then pulled up through the wall... That's the easy way to do it... Doesn't take much time and does look like a pro did it..

These days I can normally do 2 jacks from the cutting of the holes to running the cable.... Basically to completion in less than 10 minutes... No matter how you slice it... Through the floor or in jacks, the longestpart is running the cable... If you have a plan to pull the cable up, its easy.
I ran my cable from the attic to the basement. I had to drill thru a 2 by 4 from the second floor to the first in order to run the cable. I started drilling and apparently held the drill on an angle. My wife started yelling at me from the first floor. I drilled a hole thru the living room wall. Big Grin

Held the drill straight and went thru the 2 by 4 to the basement and then across to the den. A little spackle and no one knew.
This was before wireless but every room in our house has wall cable jacks.

Scott, it's not difficult just stay focus and map it out.
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Scott, typically a house is built with a space for a plumbing vent line. Your waste water pipe is vented. This is to prevent an airlock. This vent most likely runs form you basement to your roof. The pipe is round and space is square or rectangular. The corners are typically free. I have used this in 3 of my houses to run wires and cables from my attic to my basement. Just go slow and see if you can have someone with you to help. Measure twice, drill once.
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Is CCA wire safe to use for my application?

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