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New Member from Miami, FL
Hey all, my name is Garrett and I am new to StogieChat. I am currently living in Miami, FL and have been smoking cigars pretty consistently over the past two years. I am currently 27 years old and work as an investment manager and advisory services provider in the financial services industry. I am a big fan of Fuente cigars with my favorite being the Anejo #55 or #77. You can find me on instagram under the name Geerawkz (filled with cigar pictures) or twitter on the handle Geerawkz. I am excited to joint the StogieChat community, feel free to message me if you would like to learn more about me.

Happy smoking! May your cigars be tasty and filled with thick clouds of smoke!
Welcome from Orlando
Great intro!

Welcome from Wisconsin!
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Welcome buddy!!!

Nick from MA
Thank you for the warm welcome! Always excited to get involved with a cigar loving community!
Great intro and welcome aboard from hudson valley NY
No Justice, No Peace!
"I do not save cigars for occasions that may not happen. Cigars make the occasion special, not the other way around."

Garrett, welcome from New Jersey.
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Welcome to StogieChat, Garrett. Great to have you join the mayhem.

Doug from California
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Welcome from California!


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