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those interested in the new shirts...
#1 be clear - this is a screen printed tshirt made from one of my original paintings. it is NOT hand painted on the shirt. Now...the sizes bigger than XL - I received a few PMs (thank you). In order to make the printing worth a run, we need at least 10 orders. So, if interested, PM me (if you didn't already) and I will keep you all posted. As soon as I get 10 folks interested in the larger sizes, I will get them printed. Thanks.
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Good deal Eric..
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still not sure if this is going to happen, folks...I will need 7 more shirts to make 10 and go to print.....i will update every few days to keep you posted.
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Whats the chest size from pit to pit on the XXL Eric?
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(09-03-2012, 01:03 PM)Parkster Wrote: Whats the chest size from pit to pit on the XXL Eric?

no idea. i can ask ...
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