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Talk to me about other spirits.
For Irish Whiskey, go with Redbreast, 12 year old. I think its the best Irish Whiskey out there.
If you like scotch, you have a taste for ages spirits. Try any anejo spirit. Marks list is great. That's all anejo.
If you want to venture into the sweeter realm, try B & B. It was a staple of mine when I smoked (mostly because my pool hall didn't carry single malt). Sometimes Sambuca hits the spot or a fine to ultra fine vodka. Interestingly Vodkas form different countries and different manufacturers really taste... well different. My preference is Russian. Specifically Stolies. I like to taste my vodka. Stollies is a little rough around the edges and I like that. Vodka like absolute tastes like water to me. I have never tried grey goose. It comes form France.
I often times agree with your comment about bourbon. But corn? I tend to taste the virgin wood. Bourbon is all aged in virgin barrels (a law enacted after prohibition). This results in a high level of wood alcohols and other natural minerals found in the oak which in smaller quantities are desirable, but less so in larger quantities.
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For Bourbon try Eagle Rare. Better than Woodford and Knob I think.

Also try Canadian Rye Whiskey. Ideally the 40 Creek Reserve if you can find it.
Bourbon tastes too much like corn? err ok.
Have you tried a Rye?
Bulleit makes a great Rye.

Tequilla Tres Generations Anejo is a good sipper.
Yes I can pick up the corn just as I can pick up the malted barley in scotch and beer. Only Canadian I have tried was crown royal.

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