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Hello boys and girls.
A relative newbie to the hobby of cigar smoking. Tried my first cigar about three years ago don't remember what brand, I do remember it was a maduro and it was a nice smooth smoke. There's a shop across the river from me in Omaha that I window shop on occassion, I've recently purchased a few from them to sample. I've also received a catalog from Cigars International and have made a list of possible sample packs to purchase from them.

I'm from Iowa and my hobbies include photography, hunting and camping. My favorite location to photograph is Yellowstone National Park. I'm a big Chicago sports fan, except the White Sux...I mean White Sox.

Hope to get some ideas and tips from everyone here on different brands to try.

Don, welcome from New Jersey. Check out the good cigar review thread.
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Welcome from Wisconsin!

Lots of good info here. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
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Welcome Don!

Mike from PA
Welcome Don!

This is my boomstick!

Welcome Don. Everytime I get a new cigar catalog in the mail I circle all the stuff I want......I have issues I know, but I like doing it, it's like window shopping to me.

Welcome from Indiana
welcome aboard, ha ha, maybe next year
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Hello from Long Island
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Thanks for the welcome
I'm sure I'll have some questions
Right now I'm reading as many posts as possible that way I'm not asking something that's already been covered a couple hundred times.


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