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Thieving scumbags
This really sucks. Makes me wonder if they flagged you at the depot as sending good packages and raid them when they see your name.
for a brief moment I felt sorry for the UK postal system!!!

Dave, sorry for all your woes. Good luck.
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The consumer protection girl has really put the thumb screws on the PO.

Latest word is that they have agreed to re-open and look in to all of the lost and damaged mail I have had over the last 18 months. Even better is that they have accepted the list provided to them by Debbie and do not require me to follow up with any past paperwork. They will not consider re-opening the cases of first class next day delivery that I have had issues with, some took the best part of 2 weeks to arrive earlier this year, but I'm not concerned with those.

So, as Debbie pointed out to me, they have actually admitted to there being an issue, they have also admitted that they have handled my cases incorrectly and as a result it looks like there is a positive outcome on the horizon.

i'll believe it when I see it as it could take long enough, in the meantime, I'll be posting from Aberdeen ...... 130 mile round trip is easier to swallow than stuff going missing ..... and I get to visit family at the same time, so its a win win for me.
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sounds like a lil steps. glad to hear it.
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Thats crazy sorry you have to go thru that SH--
(08-29-2012, 02:20 AM)tarheel7734 Wrote: This really sucks. Makes me wonder if they flagged you at the depot as sending good packages and raid them when they see your name.

If its anything like a postal sort facility here in the U.S. that would be next to impossible. They see so many packages processed through there, singling them out by name would be insane. My guess would be they're more likely eyeing the customs declaration and going from there. Probably also noticing that it's not eBay postage and thinking it's probably something cool. Freaking jerks, give us postal workers a bad name.

On a side note, the postal inspectors in my office recently caught a gal stealing packages. The delivery lady. She had apparently been doing it for a while. It may take them some time, but they catch up to these thieves in my experience. I hope they get what's coming to them Dave.
I'm glad that they have someone that is taking an interest in your case, and hope that it is all resolved for you, my friend! Smile

That does indeed suck Parkster......Maybe if you change your name on the packages to Dave IveGotCrabsInMyPants or something similar, they would be less likely to steal em !!!!! LOL...just trying to be helpful !!!!!!
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The International Man of Mystery seems to have uncovered a major theft ring. I really hope it works out in your favor, Dave. It is completely unbelievable on their part.
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