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La Gloria Cubana maduro Churchill.
This evening I decided to reach into the humidor and grab this cigar. I picked this up in a five pack when i got back into cigars a few months back. It has been sitting in my humidor for several months and i am really enjoying it. I am drinking a sun drop followed by water.

Pre light.
Has a nice color on the cellophane from age. I suspect it was aged a bit before i got my hands on it. The stick is firm but gives the correct amount. There is a rich creamy coco hints followed by nice tobacco aroma.

I cut it with my trusty xikar x1 and the draw is perfect. Bit of haw with a nutty draw.

Lit the cigar with trusty xikar element double torch lighter.

First third.

I am first hit with pepper then a few more baking spices. There are a bit of toasted nuts that follow but cant put my finger on what kind. So far there is a perfect burn and tons of thick smoke.
[Image: IMG_20120823_230401.jpg]
Second third.
The pepper is starting fade a bit in the background and a creamy flavor with hints of coco start to emerge. The burn is still perfect with the ash holding on for about 2 inches. The ash is salt and pepper colored with more light greys present.

Last third.
The pepper is still subtle and present in the retrohale but not harsh. The creaminess is still quite forward but the coco has turned into a nice coffee flavor. A bit of bitterness followed by a sweet creaminess. A bit of hay is left on the pallet. Ash is still firm but more dark grey is present. Ash stays on till i tap it off. Smoke has taken about an hour and half.
[Image: IMG_20120824_001646.jpg]

This is a great maduro that is well made and smokes evenly. Flavors developed well and never became harsh. It is a medium to full body with medium strength. In my opinion a classic cigar around 4.00 mark when purchased in a 5 pack. I hope to purchase more and keep in humidor.
I like these as well.

Thanks for the great review!
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Thanks. I will post some pics when i get back inside.
Thanks for the review

I also like this stogie. Thanks for putting in writing.
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Very nice review. I have only had 2 of these but the shorter ones and I agree with your opinions given. Thanks for the review Big Grin
Thanks for the review. I have liked every La GLoria Cubana I have ever smoked.
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