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Swag Infamous Toro
The below review was copied from my cigar blog at

[Image: IMAG0070.jpg]

So, I was perusing Cigars International, and came across these cigars. I looked them over and got the opinion of a long time friend before pulling the trigger. His thoughts were that they were a peppery smoke, being that they were a dominican puro, I was tempted to believe this. I went back to Cigars International and picked up a 10 pack of the Infamous size (toro) for a great price. Let's move on to the review!

Pre- Light: As I ran this cigar across my nose, the aroma came across as a faint smell of barnyard, with some spice and light coffee or cocoa notes mixed in. The cigar feels pretty hefty in my hands, as it should being that it is a large 6.0x54 size. The cigar feels very well packed and solid. I clipped the cigar with my Xikar cutter, and lit up with my Ronson Jetlite.
[Image: IMAG0072.jpg]

1/3: As I lit up the cigar, the first few puffs were a little tighter than I'd like, but not so bad that I was discouraged. The first thing I noticed was the shear volume of smoke coming from this stick. If there is one thing I enjoy when it comes to cigars, it's the smoke volume. The first few puffs brought pure spice, very peppery, with a fairly smooth retrohale. The burn is pretty solid, with some very slight waves, but nothing I am giong to complain about.

[Image: IMAG0074.jpg]

2/3: As I continued on this stick, the body fired up from a solid medium to a full body. The smoke was still billowing nicely, and I started to get some leather and more coffee notes on the exhale. The burn is starting to get a little crooked, but I am blaming this on the wind at my smoking location. It was quite breezy. So far, I am really enjoying this stick.

[Image: IMAG0075.jpg]

3/3: As I finished up with this hefty cigar, I was getting some of those "buzz" feelings associated with a full bodied cigar. I don't usually get a buzz from nicotine, so it was interesting to say the least! The full bore pepper spice came back, and the leather and coffee flavors subdued into the background. The smoke was still solidly billowing, and the cigar was not getting hot at all.

Overall Impression: Overall, I have to say, for the price I paid (around $3/stick) I would be hard pressed to find a better stick for the money. I enjoyed all the flavors, spiciness, and complexity of this cigar. I highly recommend that full bodied cigar smokers definitely give this one a try!
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Bearded Dad Blog:

Sounds like a great stick.

Thanks for the review!
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I also like the packaging. I would be curious to know how they age as well. Often for me, this type of stick tends to age pretty well.

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I smoked it after a great stick so I wasn't overally impressed. I think I have another one so I will have to give it a shot. Nice review Scott!!!
Thanks Nick, I suggest you try this stick on a clean pallete... Is bet you like it better.
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Bearded Dad Blog:

Nice review!

Scott, thanks. I had the same feelig as Nick. I liked the first half of spice but after that it went down hill for me.
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I've started to develop a sneaky taste for these, very similar to how I'm never let down with a Warlock. My first SWAG taste was a corona, and as soon as it was done (down to the nub) I wanted another. I have a nice fat robusto on the top shelf of my humi which calls to me every time I look in there. It's painful to let the beauty age a bit (a month or two at most) but I'm very excited. If I love this one then i'm diving into a 10-pack (which I've seen of torpedos recently).

Good stuff. I am in the mood for one right now myself...
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Bearded Dad Blog:

I have had one of these it was a Lancero. like PT said I also wanted another one as soon as I was finished, great smoke.

Nice review Scott.

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