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Caridad Conneticut Toro
Okay enough with the flavour reviews. Got back from Milwaukee after the best Easter vacation ever and what was waiting for me? My package from Famous. I will probably post reviews or thoughts on everything I got at some point.So after amping up the humidity in my humidor which is now full to the brim I had a half full cedar box of Carnidad Conneticut Toros, I de-celoed a few and left the box closed with a humipack to keep the ones not in the humi alive. I let them hydrate overnight and decided to have one over reading my sociology research.

I should mention I bought them because there were on sale,24 for just over a dollar a cigar. I've been looking for a cheap, conneticut smoke and I found it in this one. It's one of those suprising things you get when you go in with low expectations. Dominican tobbaccos in a tight, slow burning, light and mellow cigar cheap enough to be a daily "just because" smoke.

Its a cedar-cardboard colored stick that is very clean and tightly packed, it lit easily and burned unevenly but not to the point of shoveling or causing a problem. I will note however that in the time walking away from it and tossing and empty glass bottle into the recycling bin outside the cigar gone out. Luckily it relit easily. It held its white-grey-black ash very well, giving a nice woodsy,cedar taste for most of the lenght. It ended in a woody vanilla-caramel that would be great with coffee.

The big cons were the going out easy, and the very tight draw that made for a slow hour or so of reading and smoking.

For the price I was not dissapointed, certainly one of a more than smokeable Dominican Conneticut. 68/100 on a CA scale.

I've got 22 more of these and if consistancy is an issue I will update the review

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