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Tambo Cigars
I have been sitting on this cigar for awhile and wanted to give it enough time in the humidor to give it a chance to "ripen" and I gotta tell you this cigar satisfied me like few have. Here is my Review,,,,

BRAND - Tambo

SIZE - Super Robusto

TYPE CUTTER - CubanCrafter Perfect Cut

LIGHTER -Soft Flame Lighter

BEVERAGE - Amarula ( A must for this cigar,,trust me)

APPEARANCE - Flawless with just a small vein running halfway thru it

CONSTRUCTION - Excellent as this cigar looks like somebody took extra care in making this

FEEL - Just right,,not spongy nor was it too rigid

TASTE - LIGHT UP - When I put flame to this it started up with a really nice taste almost had some floral taste to it which worried me a bit because I am not into floral cigars.

DRAW - Did somebody test draw this cigar? It’s friggin perfect.

EVEN BURN - One of the most even burns I have had on a cigar.

TASTE 1ST THIRD - The first third as I said started with a floral kind of note to it but ended as quickly as it came on and then changed into what I found to be the keynote taste the rest of the cigar. May I take a second to say that this cigar is what brought me into the cigar hobby almost 40 years ago. The smoke was nice and thick which had tremendous “hang time” on it as it just stayed in the air and smelled wonderful,,,like real tobacco from the early days.

2ND THIRD - This cigar keeps getting better and I am enjoying this greatly. I am getting cream mixed with subtle hints of wood and pepper and spice as the flavors keep spinning around in my mouth. It’s not heavy on complexity at all which is something I like but this cigar just swirls the tastes over and over and makes me want to retro hale more than I usually do. I rarely will inhale a cigar but this thing was almost forcing me to take a bit into my lungs,,,wow! This is smooth and easy and this gives me another taste that is very good and I have to watch how much I am taking on each draw as the body of the cigar is excellent.

LAST THIRD - Im getting sad now because I see this cigar starting to end and I’m not ready. I keep getting the same good flavor with a bit of toast and nuts mixed in as well. How can a cigar maintain all of the subtle flavors all the way thru and the burn is incredibly sharp. When the ash drops off its like somebody scored each area as it neatly falls off and leaves about ¼ of an inch left to start the next ash.

OVERALL CHARACTER MEDIUM- I’d say medium to full.

RATING 1- 20 I’d say this is a 18.5 STRENGTH 1- 10 At least 7-8

COMMENTS - The entire cigar smokes with the same consistency as when it started,,excellent and the flavor of cream and toast with the nuts along with the nice easy draw is uncanny. I could smoke this cigar in my sleep if I could….and I would it’s that good. Not once did it ever get harsh or boring. I seriously did not want this cigar to end and this size lasted about an hour and a half. Thank God I saved the Grand Robusto for later. I drank some Amarula (Amarula | The Spirit of Africa ) with this and it make an already good cigar even better. The flavors mixed like a perfect recipe and are made for each other.

QUALITY - ISSUES - Absolutely none.
POSITIVES- This is a really good cigar and I am going to be a fan of this one. I am grateful for being given the chance to smoke this wonderful cigar. It’s experiences like this that make me glad to be a part of this hobby. This made a good night VERY good and if you don’t like this cigar I suggest giving up this hobby.
Very nice review! Sounds great!
This is my boomstick!
Awesome review!!! Will have to try the Tambo out!!!
"Maybe it's like becoming one with the cigar. You lose yourself in it; everything fades away: your worries, your problems, your thoughts. They fade into the smoke, and the cigar and you are at peace."
Raul Julia

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Tambo is a new cigar from Indonesia and while the pricing is pretty good for this cigar ( actually it's really good considering how good they are ) it's the shipping that makes me wince. It is $20 for orders so it's wise to order these by the box which I am doing. I already tried the Super Robusto and still have the Grand Robusto to go. Both of these cigars were given to me to try as well as many other BOTL and so far there has not been one person who didn't like this brand which has to tell you something. It's appeal crosses all tastes and I hope this cigar comes to the states and is sold here locally. I'm not a salesperson for this manufacturer as much as I don't mean to push this product on anyone. I do not normally brag about cigars except for Opus and Padron so to me this cigar is in that class and for the pricing the shipping doesn't scare me too bad. For more info here is the link:
That's quiet the endorsement. Thanks for the review. Sounded like a relaxing smoke..
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(03-25-2010, 03:36 PM)Jimmie the Mum Wrote: That's quiet the endorsement. Thanks for the review. Sounded like a relaxing smoke..

Considering in my 40 years of cigar smoking this is probably the third time I have ever gone out on a limb to express my feelings for a cigar. The first one was the Opus and the second one was Padron Anniversary and this will make the third. One thing about telling everyone about a cigar is maybe the liklihood of people hating it and the person pushing it looking like an idiot. This is a cigar I'd gladly risk that.
At $73.99 for a box of the Grand Robusto, not bad at all!!!

I wish they had a sampler available......
Making your own by buying a few of the singles makes it hard to justify the $20 flat shipping rate though....
This is my boomstick!
Now remember the Grand Robustos come in a box of 8 for $73.99 and the size is 6x62 while the Super Robustos are 6x50 for $156 for a box of 25,,,and I am talking with the owner to get a break on the shipping. I wish they had a Sampler as well but maybe that will come out later. They are coming out with another line of cigars that the same group will get a taste test of these when he sends them out,,can't wait for them.

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