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Cuban Dunhill Mojito
Ahhhhh, the legendary Cuban Dunhill Mojito, a corona
42 x 5&5/8ths, vitola 504. A beautifully made, colorado claro wrapper surrounded this cigar. The concept for the
Dunhill brand was to compete with the Cuban Davidoffs
at the high end of the market based on an agreement
between Alfred Dunhill Company and Cubatobacco. The
brand was discontinued in 1991.

I decided to treat myself to this cigar today as it is a
beautiful day in early spring here in the California Central Valley, 66 degrees and sunny. I paired this
cigar with a glass of Piccheiti 3 year barrel aged Angelica
2001 white port.

The Mojito had a beautiful light wrapper, no tooth visable, smooth as silk and with a beautiful expertly
fashioned triple capa. It cut clean, had a slightly sweet tobacco prelight draw, and it lit perfectly, a
treasure waiting to be enjoyed. Began burning even,
and the first few puffs were a muted spice. It smoked
cleanly developing one of the blackest ashes I have ever
seen, just speckled with gray. The flavors were still present throughout this cigar, a touch of richness, honey
and nuts with a subdued taste of dark raw cocoa. A
real tribute to the Cuban growers of the Vuelta Abajo

I started this cigar reading Flemmings book Ivory Coast
but realized the reading was a real distraction from this
amazing cigar. Book down and just enjoyed the cigar to
it's finish. It mellowed me completely with that wonderful
mindset that left me pondering my surroundings today.
The birds and bees active, the cut back roses with their
new red growth of leaves, the tulips already up and the
wisteria vines showing promise of spectacular flower
show in a few weeks.

A fine afternoon and a good day to be alive Smile
"God is a havana smoker, I've see his gray clouds"
Another good one LZ. You made it sound wonderfully relaxing.  I too one day shall have one of these.
drool, snivel, drool, living vicariously, drooling some more...
Bungalowbill Wrote:drool, snivel, drool, living vicariously, drooling some more...
Gets a mop and cleans up the thread after bungalow.  Next you do the mopping.

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