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Camacho: Select Torpedo
[Image: camacho_select_torp.jpg]

This cigar came from a pre-release batch of cigars that were gifted to selected customers and friends at Christmas time 2005. As such, when the cigar is released in June 2006, it will have a slightly different band and the blend could even be a bit different.

The torpedo I selected had a smooth, light brown Cameroon wrapper and was velvety smooth to the touch. There were no imperfections on the wrapper and the cigar initially felt firm yet supple. After clipping the tip with my Palió cutter I took a couple of prelight draws, which were perfect so I lit her up.

The first inch of the cigar was full of pepper spice that titillated my tongue like so many devils (too hot to be angels) on the head of the proverbial pin. The spice was long on the palate and intensely flavorful; the body was medium. When I dropped the ash off at an inch, it fell flush like it was cut with a knife. I picked up the pellet from my tray and it had a perfectly formed consistency. Dense and medium gray, the ash revealed the perfect construction of this cigar.

Meanwhile, at the one-third mark, the spiciness was subdued and partially replaced by a tangy sweetness, while the burn and draw remained nearly perfect. As the cigar heated, I found it becoming a bit mushy, however, there was no detrimental effect to the burn, draw or flavor. After letting the ash remain for another two inches, I again tapped off. This time there was a slight cap and the burning wrapper edge was fairly sharp.

The second-half-flavors, though different than the first half of the smoke, still tingled my tongue with spice, yet the overall flavor was more balanced. The body remained medium throughout. With nearly four months of aging in my humidors, this is one tasty cigar, full flavored and robust. If you like a Cameroon smoke, this is the ticket. I eagerly await the final production samples and currently would recommend this cigar to those who like medium to full body and flavor smokes.
Doc Stogie Fresh
Very nice review there Doc.

Camacho has been slipping in their quality of smokes as of late.  Hopefully this cigar might bring them back.
Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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A very good review Doc.  I agree with Mike that hopefully this wiil be a new start for Camacho
Doc that was impressive. Big Grin

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