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PSD3 01' LE
Origin - Cuba
Size - Corona Gorda, 5 ½ x 46

In my anticipation of the new 06' LE's coming out I decided to execute the PSD3 01' LE I have had bouncing around my humidor for a while.

The construction of this cigar is spectacular, the wrapper is a wonderful dark oscuro wrapper that is very rustic looking with a few prominent veins.

I cut the perfect triple cap with my Xikar and lit it using the "Boardwalk Bill" technique.

The first few puffs were to get the unlit filler and binder going, but once the foot was cherry red, the thick billows of rich flavorful smoke were overwhelming.
The flavor of the first 1/3 was of black pepper and bittersweet chocolate. During the 2/3 of the cigar the black pepper and bittersweet chocolate notes dropped to the background and cedar became very prominent along with that great Partagas flavor. These flavors continued throughout the duration of the cigar.

Throughout the entire 5 ½" of this cigar it only ashed twice and when it did the ash was rock solid, a testament to a wonderfully constructed cigar.

This is probably one of the most powerful Habanos I have ever smoked, it was very rich and powerful full of great flavors.

I would highly recommend this smoke to anyone who is looking for a strong, very tasty Cuban.

Overall this is a top notch cigar in my book. May be a little hard to secure some from 01', but I would recommend picking some of the 06's up and losing them in your humidor for a few years.
Viva Lancero!

Good cigar and good review Mark.
"God is a havana smoker, I've see his gray clouds"
Good job, kid... one of my all time favorite cigarsSmile
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sounds like an old-school partagas. nice description, mark.
Good review Mark. One of the partagas that I have yet to sample.

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