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LGC Serie R...
                      [Image: lgcserier.gif]

What a great smoke.. pre light draw was awesome. I toasted the foot, then proceded to light it up.. TONS of billowing flavorful smoke arose from it. I got lots of leather, slight sweetness, and bold tobacco flavors. The flavors were complex. The spiciness reminded me of a CAO Brazilia. The wrapper was oily smooth, and burned evenly. This is an AWESOME smoke. I plan on buying a box of these asap. Great smoke, thanks Djohnson for this smoke!

BTW, Deanna, What number was this one?  #4? #5?
Buy From Eric at
Bearded Dad Blog:

Good review Scott I love the series Rs
I got the '04 &'05 limited editions but I have not tried any of the regular series R's. Sounds like I may need to.

Good review Scott.

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