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Next batch of cigars...
I'm about ready to order my next batch of cigars.  I have gone through the 2 premium samplers I had, and all I am down to are the horrible house brand that came with my hummy, about 10 Indian Tabac Candelas, and about 8 Thompson Iguana Candelas (which, opposite of the reviews I found, seem to be a pretty good everyday cigar).  Here's the list of what I have tried already with my samplers and what I thought :

Romeo Y Julieta - Very strong for a semi newbie like me

Macanudo Robust - Not too shabby at all

Rocky Patel Sun Grown - Loved it

CAO Criollo - Have to agree with a review I found here, not to my liking at all

Cusano Corojo '97 - If I had that kind of money to spend every time, I would own a hummy full of Torpedos.  I smoked it down to the nub and then some!  (Burned my fingers, too)

Puros Indios - Me and a buddy's fav when we're out and about town

Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur 1066 - Very strong, but enjoyable through the 2nd half

La Gloria Cubana - Extremely strong, had my head swimming

CAO Brazilia Gol - Excellent!!

Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 Silver - Good, but took some getting used to

Onyx Vintage 1997 - Not bad, but bought it from a pro shop for way too much  Smile

Cusano "18" - To be as "mild" as it was supposed to be, I never finished it, hated the flavor

Cohiba Especial Natural - What else can be said?  Great, but pricy for everyday

Partagas #2 - Very enjoyable

Mash Wheeling Deluxe Dark - It was given to me at a BBQ festival I was judging.  Made in W. Virginia, and best forgotten.  I'm glad it was a freebie...

Those are the stogies I have tried thusfar.  I'm always looking to try whatever I can get my hands on, and samplers seem to be the best way for me to judge.  I've been keeping a Cigar Dossier (sp), and my records are pretty complete.  I've tried very few Maduro or Oscuro wrapped cigars so far, but from the reviews I read, some are just as mild as the Conneticuts and Candelas I enjoy.  So now I'm stumped.  I'm going to be ordering in the next couple weeks some more sampler packs, as well as getting some advice from you guys/gals.  I usually order from Cigars International and Thompson Cigars, but if you know of any other retailers that are just as reasonable, pipe in...  Thanks!
well my friend how much are you willing to spend first of all, you said that the Cusano 97's were to much , though with the mixture you are smoking right now, you may be best to keep trying different ones for a while being a newbie and all, before you buy a whole box. I noticed Thompsons is selling their cheap *and I mean cheap I have it, and it broke right away* metal case, but it has some great smokes in it for $89.00, in their cat is it # HG-954855 you will like the vast selection I believe.
Well, it's not that I can't afford a box of '97's, I just know that I'd smoke them in less than a week!  Big Grin  I guess right now, while holding little child o mine #4, I'd prefer to send the big bucks into the college funds.  LOL.  I guess what I would really like to know is about sampler packs you guys liked...  Maybe...
Why don't you talk to Eric that owns TBS cigars when I first joined this site I was new to cigars also and didn't have a large budget, well I tell you what he set me up with a first rate set up of cigars that I loved! I actually still have a few that I am aging but talk to him, I am sure he will set you up with the best deal anyone can give you anywhere!
Eric is top notch for sure

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

> > Cigar Rights - Help Exempt Premium Cigars From FDA Regulation!

Excalibur 1066 Dark knights are great my favorite is the first one.
And if you are looking for every day smokes, don't forget the Connies, JR alternatives & Roly(Same mfg. as Puros Indios). But if you want premiums, go with the samplers or give ET a call. He will take care of you, as stated previously, like no other.
Here are some newbie cigars that are in the mild to medium body range you are liking, and that won't break the bank.

Don Lino - ct. wrapper

Leon Jimenes - ct. wrapper

Romeo & Julieta Reserva Real - smoother than the regular line

Casa Torano - ct. wrapper

H. Upmann cameroon Reserve

Fonseca Vintage - ct. wrapper

Vegas de Fonseca - cameroon wrapper

Fuente 858 - cameroon wrapper

If you need any help with these let me know.

P.S. candela wrapper are supposed to be the mildest wrappers but they have a tendancy of being bitter!

R&J Reserva Real is deffinately a great cigar! Probably one of my favorites from them (DR of course! lol). I would deffinately try one if you havent had it before, great cigar and worth a box too!

I like the RyJ Anniversario best myself, of their various lines.

If you liked the Corojo 97 but not the Cusano 18, try the Cusano 18 maduro . . . both wrapper and binder are maduro leaf, and it's not too strong but really flavorful and good. Local favorite.

In Torano, I like the Exodus '59 Gold a lot better than the Silver . . . but if it's on the strong side for you, the Torano 1916 is a great smoke at a terrific price.

Pricewise, Rocky Patel Sungrowns, Vintage, and Edge are all available as seconds, by the bundle, at terrific prices . . . only the Sungrown bundle lacks the punch of the non-seconds imho, but is still a good smoke regardless.

You might look at some Gran Habano lines as well, particularly the #5 Corojo and the VL Maduro. They're both excellent, and pretty cheap.


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