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Cuvee Blanc Cigars with free shipping !
Hello All,
To let you know about a great cigar that we just started carrying.


With a seamless Connecticut wrapper, CUVEE BLANC CIGAR
 is a medium bodied, full flavored smoke hailing from the Dominican Republic.

 is another great creation by the Special Design Team (SDT).  Founded by master blender Mike Chiusano, the SDT is made up of tobacconists, agronomists, master blenders and expert cigar artisans.  This collection of great cigar minds was created for the sole purpose of revolutionizing the cigar industry with innovative new blends and concepts.

Dominican cigars rolled with Connecticut wrappers have a reputation for being mild and light in flavor.  However, the Cuvee Blanc is a clear exception to this conception, combining full flavors in the cigar but still maintaining many of its creamy and smooth qualities.  Blended for perfect balance and complexity, CUVEE BLANC CIGAR
 is the perfect cigar for any occasion, especially if you feel Dominican smokes just don't seem to have enough flavor.

Cuvee Blanc Churchill           $171.72          Box of 24
Size:  7 x 50

Cuvee Blanc Churchill           $28.62            4 Pk.
Cuvee Blanc Toro Gordo          $162.00         Box of 24
Size:  6 x 54

Cuvee Blanc Toro Gordo       $27.00           4 Pk

Cuvee Blanc Robusto            $150.12         Box of 24
Size:  5 x 50

Cuvee Blanc Robusto            $25.00           4 Pk  

Hope you all will enjoy 'em.
Thanks for your support
Mel Shah

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