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Full Version: 2024 What Stogies are you smoking
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Hopefully light one up soon
A couple at the lounge last week and then a few from a Bay Area Crawl on 12/30:

[Image: IMG-3273.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3276.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3283.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3285.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3290.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3297.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3300.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3301.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3302.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3300.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3301.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3302.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3303.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3317.jpg]
What the heck is the laughing sausage cigar!?
(01-06-2024, 11:50 AM)nayslayer Wrote: [ -> ]What the heck is the laughing sausage cigar!?

It was a Caldwell Lost & Found Banger...   Yeah when I saw the band I was having some serious concerns lolol
[Image: IMG-3319.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3322.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3324.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3327.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3330.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3336.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3339.jpg]
Thank you @Domniomaestro
[Image: 20240110-210634.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3343.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3348.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3351.jpg]
[Image: IMG-3356.jpg]
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