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Full Version: 2022 What Stogies are you smoking
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Post 2022 Stogies Pics Here
[Image: 20220102-115715.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20220107-013706290.jpg]
Man, what an interesting smoke so far. Foot smells like pipe tobacco. First third really doesn't have strong pipe tobacco flavor, but just started.
- .... .- -. -.- ... --..-- / .... .- .-. .--. --- -.-.-- -.-.-- -.-.--

[Image: Photo-Dec-19-12-04-11-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-21-1-06-11-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-22-1-39-54-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-23-12-45-16-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-25-12-04-56-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Nov-25-11-29-06-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Nov-25-9-23-07-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-08-12-19-53-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-08-2-21-26-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-07-5-40-18-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-03-10-30-36-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-01-6-36-02-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Jan-01-6-35-39-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-29-12-49-04-AM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-29-10-07-31-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-27-11-13-39-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-27-10-01-20-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-25-11-51-08-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-23-5-17-16-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-10-9-47-50-PM.jpg]
[Image: Photo-Dec-05-12-38-28-AM.jpg]
[Image: PXL-20220115-010823093.jpg]
Thank you, Harpo! Very tasty!

[Image: 20220115-220147.jpg]
Tat Frank

[Image: 20220118-160647.jpg]
OG full size Frank???
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