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Zippo Review : Zippo MPL (Multi-Purpose Lighter)

Posted by in Lighter Review

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This is a zippo MPL review…

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  1. That was my very first zippo lighter and i love it

  2. Coleman fuel cans are meant to be connected to stoves and torches. They do
    not have the same tip as lighter butane canisters. ๏ปฟ

  3. I bought a Coleman Butane refill can from Target and the Coleman tip won’t
    fit inside the refill port on this lighter.๏ปฟ

  4. hey can you do a review on the hand warmers because im really wondering how
    it works…thanks

  5. Thanks Jeff, i’m thinking of buying one of those MPL’s… nice info ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Actually, the regular size also comes in white too. That’s pretty much all
    I know about it though. lol

  7. all lighters are multipurpose technically.

  8. boys maybe, girls would hate it, Imagine dating a girl whose dad owned a
    bunch’a guns and knifes who knows how to use them….

  9. What a nifty lighter ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to get one, thanks so much for showing
    it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. some people really do like lighters and im sure you like some thing that
    you could compare to this

  11. yeah you did do this video before haha what happened did you repost it?

  12. great review thks

  13. @sonofsam22 No. But I still have it just in case. I am starting to think
    it’s some kind of product flaw.

  14. Mine has the same problem, any news on how to fix it yet?

  15. how do you know that F is june?

  16. i like your stance on kids

  17. yaah the hand warmer is is a good ideo do 1 on that please cuse i have herd
    a lot of mixxed thing about it

  18. Actually, the regular sized MPL’s still only come in black and silver. But
    the mini MPL’s come in green white, red and pink. Oh and the regular MPL’s
    can also come with a bunch of logos and sports teams on it like chevy or
    new york giants.

  19. nice

  20. @spartan117even Candles are easy and grills can be lit with a piece of
    paper or wood.

  21. Hey Jeff, Great review! I’m going to get one. =) 5 STARS & FAV

  22. a bong lighter

  23. I have 2 of these and I’m wondering the same thing. I’m wondering if
    there’s a flint to change

  24. do a review of the zippo hand warmer

  25. Looks great to keep in a drawer

  26. i have to do the same thing with my grill

  27. how do you figuer?? Why is your life soooo much different

  28. i got one of those (not made by zippo)

  29. can u do a vid on incents man i love dragon blood

  30. great review ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. good for pyros

  32. fair enough that is safer but you just can’t resist the original one

  33. @downstapas I have over 50 zippos in my collection and I can tell you this
    definitely has a purpose. Lighting a large jar candle with the windproofs
    is a nightmare. Doesn’t mean that the windproof ones are not cool, but this
    has it’s place. They aren’t in competition, they are for 2 different
    things. They aren’t “the old ones” either. Zippo has been making the
    windproof lighters since 1932 and still make them now in 2011.

  34. looks good for fireworks =)

  35. “throw it aside ang grab a crayon” I laughed so hard

  36. Thanks for the video. I bought one of these a very long time ago. Worked
    great, I refilled it one time (I used Zippo brand butane), and it was fine.
    But then I misplaced it so I bought a cheapo plastic one. Today I found it
    ๐Ÿ™‚ but…it will not work. When I found it the fuel was gone so I refilled
    it. But its not lighting at all. I can see that there is fuel in it though.
    Any suggestions what the problem could be? Just want to double check before
    tossing it out. Thanks!

  37. i picked mine up from a thrift shop for five bucks! i really like it!

  38. im not trying to be mean to him but i dont think heas exactly a girls dream

  39. Please make a video on refilling!!

  40. i opened up an old bbq lighter and twisted the fuel release as far as it
    could go, then put it back together. the flame was about 6″ long

  41. what so now you gansta cmon ppoint is your still twelve let yur b**ls drop
    thenn reply

  42. you did a zippo lighter vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I had two of these things become useless once the initial fluid ran out. I
    bought the second one hoping it was a fluke. Refilling was a huge pain. I
    was disappointed, because it’s a really cool looking lighter.

  44. you did this before your incense video didnt you haha?

  45. f is the 6 letter in the alfebet and june is the 6 month of the year

  46. lol the thumbnail keeps on making me think it’s like a sexy, slick pistol,
    and that silver piece in the middle is is the ejection port, and the front
    is a super long barrel. LOL.

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