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Zippo Review : Zippo Blu

Posted by in Lighter Review

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  1. how replace flint

  2. How do u no its not a reproduction of the real zippo, I bought ray ban
    sunglasses from eBay and they ended up fake but they were REALLY close to
    the real ones, sunglass hut could hardly tell they where fake.

  3. the reason why you paid cheap, it didnt have a perfect fit…the lighter
    didnt pass quality control, thats why it was cheaper.

  4. take it to zippo they said all poket lighters should strike one strike
    every time


  6. Hiya, i’m looking to buy a good jet zippo lighter. Was thinking of
    purchasing this, but after the review i’m not so sure. any suggestions?

  7. A storm-lighter that dont work .. just like all other storm-lighters. ”One
    Lighter” and regular Zippo works best i think. ;)

  8. To properly light the Zippo you need to hold down the flint wheel for about
    1.5 seconds and then in one fluent motion, strike the flint wheel and

  9. You were too kind, these Zippo blue lighters suck out loud. From the fit of
    the damn thing to it’s unreliableability.If nt for hurting the feelings of
    a gift giver, I would smash it with a hammer & send it back to Zippo & tell
    ’em to stick it up yheir shitter!

  10. Hey, you should definitely check out the Blu2. It was their attempt at
    fixing some issues you went over.

  11. I gave one of these as a gift to my gf.. once when she was lighting her
    cigarette the damn thing farted out a whole bunch of gas at once and made a
    huge fireball right in front of her face. We were inside a car so the flame
    made like a big wave along the ceiling.. we sent the zippo back and told
    what had happened. It took several months and the just sent us a new one.
    My gf hasn’t used it since. Thank you Zippo.

  12. I had two of these… worked perfectly. but after 2-3 years of use one of
    them almost burned my face = something went wrong with gas-releasing thing

  13. You did great review of zippo lighter smart and creative, even you have bad
    camera you should buy better.

  14. My Blu2 works every try, had the same problem as you though but I sent it
    back and got a new one 🙂 The problem on my first one was that the flint
    wasnt centered under the “wheel”.

  15. I find the top on my Hi Chrome Blu2 is very loose compared to my fluid pipe
    zippo.. I keep checking to see if its closed when it already is closed.
    Any way of to tighten up the top. The movement of the top that makes the
    clic is what I am talking about..

    Oh as far as lighting my Blu2 I have done a continuous lighting and the
    most I got was 17 so mine works fine..

    Have not however, done a WIND test.. That will be the one for me.

    thanks and great tips.. Keep up the good work.

  16. Zippo blu2 is cooler

  17. My zippo has exploded.This thing is danger-es..

  18. Very detailed. Good review.

  19. You are supposed to hold the wheel for 1second before lighting it to get it
    to work more consistently 

  20. Thanks for the review

  21. Definitely other reviews I’ve seen show a much larger flame. I think I’d
    be voiding the warantee on day one as I like to use 70/30 butane/propane
    mix to remove any issue with lighting in very cold conditions.

  22. I dont like that at all. Rather buy bics, although I guess this one would
    pay for itself in about 30 years. its basically putting zippo lipstick on a

  23. aweesome vid.

  24. GREAT tip !!!! After the lighter id empty the flint is still bigger than a
    new flint! I will start picking them upp off the ground!!! Thanks !

  25. Dan Paton said “hold down the wheel longer” does he mean the button, or is
    there something you can do with the wheel to help make it light better. 

  26. That’s a safety bit they sell them at Home Depot you will recognize the bit
    on your leatermens

  27. Isn’t the screw on the bottom just a non-tamper-able torx screw? Pretty

  28. I’ve bought 3 different BLU’s. All straight from Zippo… ALL 3 ARE A PIECE
    O’ MY ASS! Don’t waste your money!

  29. you have to hold it down for 2sec on the wheel before lighting

  30. its stupid china copy fake

  31. Hey, I am new to zippo collecting and just got my first zippo and love it.
    It is a black ice zippo that is personally engraved. Are there any zippo a
    that are a must have for collectors or any that you are willing to sell to
    me? Thanks very much, Jared Anderson 

  32. A $4 Ronson Jetlite (now owned by Zippo) is much easier and reliable to
    have instead of the Blu. 

  33. Shut the fuck up and light it

  34. $62.95 is absurd “recommended retail” pricing. Really, Zippo?

  35. does your doorbell ring every episode???

  36. I guess this is good, if you like smoking meth or crack 🙂

  37. a Zippo is in Spain $232

  38. A lighter review? seriously?

  39. Classic zippos are the original and best, this one doesnt look as good

  40. a store

  41. I just bought their Jim Beam model blu lighter at my cigar shop for 50%
    off. Very happy

  42. I prefer the thunderbird insert, you can use the classic zippo cases and it
    uses fuel more efficiently.

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