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Zippo Review : Antique Brass

Posted by in Lighter Review

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  1. Hey Jeff just a quick story about me and Zippos. I used to keep my Brass
    Zippo highly polished and while I played poker with the guys it was the
    only time I smoked, usually Cigars. The highly polished Zippo gave me an
    unfair advantage when I Dealt because I used the highly mirror polish to
    reflect the immage of the cards and thus knew what everyone had in their
    hand. Just another use for a zippo jst be sure to not win every hand or
    cheating will be suspected LOL I usually just waited for a large pot to
    collect on and let the little ones slide on by. I guess it is a good
    thing I dont play cards for money any more LOL. 

  2. you should do a review of a zippo that’s a different material, like silver,
    gold or copper.
    i got lucky and found a brand new brushed copper zippo at a local smoke
    shop for $30, when they usually go for around $150

  3. Are the regular antique finished ones not stamped on the bottom either?
    That would be a cool little pair to have.

  4. I just made a Zippo video, inspired by this – it has one with a Real
    antique finish on it :-D

  5. you’re videos always present man, everything I’m interested in just a video
    away. Plus you post a lot of videos so there’s always something thing new

  6. I really like the antique finish, it nearly looks like it’s been
    stonewashed which is good because I don’t have to worry about the thing
    getting scratched – I hate when they get scratched.

  7. I saw you on tv today!!! on a comercial for outrageous acts of science

  8. nice zippo, wish it came the the brass insert though 

  9. had that one and lost it, but the finish rubbed off

  10. Hi Jeff, I have a Zippo in this finish, this finish rubs off during normal
    usage within a couple of weeks, basically not worth buying! Reposting this
    as my first post has been either been lost in cyber space or withdrawn by
    person or persons unknown for some reason? Regards, Dazza. 

  11. could you show us after youve put the new insert in, or post it on

  12. I like this one a lot. You can drop it in your pocket and there’s no fear
    of coins or keys scratching the finish… It only gets better IMO. Hell,
    you can even drop it on the ground, accidentally, of course :-)

  13. Bought the same on Amazon, and have been debating if what I got is real or
    fake. It’s good you showed the bottom. I thought that flat bottom indicated
    it was a fake but it was the markings: What I have has an “I” instead of a
    “J” and the stamping ins’t consistent like what you have there. The insert
    is mark lightly with a “J”. All other indicators passed the indicators I
    read from different website/sources. Thanks for sharing, Jeff. The ‘zippo’
    I bought almost had me there, so back it goes to Amazon.

  14. It’s on eBay for $15

  15. It’s not tarnish jeff.. it’s patina.

  16. cool video jeff

  17. Hi Jeff

  18. I love brass finish lighters.

  19. You should get an antique copper

  20. replica?

  21. Like the use of snow as your backdrop Jeff! 

  22. That’s a very nice zippo

  23. Nice weathered look 

  24. I have the antique silver plating one and it has lost the shining finish is
    it completely gone forever?

  25. maybe post a pic on instagram of this zippo with the brass insert?

  26. Jeffy:-0

  27. Damn buylighters really hooked you up!

  28. took you a while to upload a video today, usually i go home from school
    and i see that you have uploaded a couple of videos which makes my day :P

  29. I got mine for the same reason it for the antique look and the antique
    finish was gone in three weeks not sure if it was because it was cheap
    product (got it from amazon for $16 new) or because I rubbed it off while
    doing tricks and using it.

  30. Isn’t the finnish meant to fade? The finnish on mine has almost completely

  31. I love the brass zippos. My first and only zippo(which was lost a long time
    ago) was a brass marlboro zippo from the 90s. 🙂

    Thanks for the vid. :)

  32. Hello

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