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  1. The ace of spades is the other custom card.

  2. @247nyle Well good sir, £19 is about $30 and that is the going price for
    it. If you want it then I highly advise it. It is a beautiful set. 😀

  3. I am an amature magician who collects playing cards I am glad I seen this
    review for I was pondering if i sould get one I think I will be puting one
    in my collection Also I would like to mention a few things one if you think
    air cusion feels nice which it does try playing cars with a UV500 air flow
    finish Two did you know Bicycle last year celebrated their 125 Anniversary
    and released an anniversary edition playing cards in red and blue.

  4. Amazon? eBay? Anything like that that you can use?

  5. @Speedogg138 hello im a magician whose obsessed with fire!!!! btw i have
    the black ghost and the white ghosts 🙂

  6. i got it for 13$ on a site

  7. i found it for £19 somthing so should i get it now it so cheap i just want
    somthing to play around with =P

  8. Amazon has them for 17.59 US.

  9. i think i will have to buy this set now

  10. how can i buy it because im not from usa im from montenegro and i want it
    bad BAD I TELL YOU

  11. @deckmastercards Hey, great to hear! You are the second person to mention
    that they collect playing cards, so I think that is what makes these
    multiple-interest sets so cool. Zippo fans, like myself, and playing card
    fans can appreciate both parts of this set. The only Playing playing cards
    I have ever “collected” were the miniature ones, but I stopped collecting
    those a while ago. The Ghost bicycle cards (both black and white) look
    awesome though.

  12. XD

  13. I’m actually reviewing the cards and lighter in an upcoming video of mine.
    If you like collecting, you should check out the playing card community. A
    lot of neat stuff to be found. Anyway, I don’t know too much about Zippo’s
    so I did some searching to get information. I’ll be sure to give you a
    shoutout in the video. 🙂

  14. @CRAZYMO7 Oooo, UV500 sounds sexy. 😛 And no I did not. I am interested in
    getting one of the ghost decks though. Those look cool.

  15. sick man love it

  16. When they give the lighter a matte coating, they laser the paint off the
    bottom to show the Zippo stamp clearly. With white matte it never seems to
    be lasered down to the metal.

  17. I remember when they used to sell bicycle cards of amazing quality at the
    dollar store.

  18. Will definitely be getting one soon. They’re around $20 on Amazon 🙂

  19. Try the ace of spades

  20. Man, this is great! I collect both zippos and playing cards. This is a
    perfect combination for me.

  21. Ah, I see what you are saying. Yes, I agree.

  22. yeah i just bought one of those a few weeks ago…

  23. @AdrianCto96 Please see my video on that. It’s normal. 🙂

  24. @Speedogg138 also its funny im watching this video with my bicycle cards

  25. but i payed 39.95 but i live in canada…. i can actually still find zippos
    that were made in niagra falls…. lots of store still cary them around
    here u just gotta look

  26. ive had mine sence january 26 2011… still havn’t opened it yet though

  27. @Monotonyman2010 Good! Now all you need is to collect bicycles and you
    would be 100% set! 😀

  28. I just got this set a week ago and it’s definitely worth it.

  29. I hate the lasered stamps on white matte. Why can’t they make it shiny
    brass? White matte is so cool.

  30. It is a genuine Zippo, and yes, all Genuine Zippo lighters are brass, steel
    (some old WWII ones), or a precious metal.

  31. Yeah, let’s get him!

  32. man i wish my mom did that:)

  33. Lasered stamps?

  34. 20.00 american on e-bay

  35. cool

  36. You know what, this is the fourth lighter i have bought because of your
    video. And i honestly cant wait for the iphone 4!!

  37. This guy knows nothing about cards

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