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Zippo Lighter Butane Thunderbird Insert Review for EDC (Every Day Carry)

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Single Jet Insert:

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  1. Can you Do tricks with it ?

  2. I use the Single jet torch butane (blue flame) on my Zippo Armor Tumbled brass lighter, has a great fit.

    My son prefers the Thunderbird pipe insert, has an opening on side of stack for his Zelda emblem Zippo.

  3. Is the wick replaceable??

  4. I mean, the fact it keeps going when open is to emulate the original zippo, which doesn't need to be held down to burn. It WOULD be nice if they had a version with a button, like any other butane lighter. Wouldn't feel like a zippo as much, BUT people like you who see it as a big disadvantage would feel at home there

  5. Some people want it to stay on so they can set it down and have their hands free to heat something, that is why they made several models. The jet models only stay on when the button is pressed, this model and the pipe lighter stay on when the lid is open, both preferences are covered. I'll probably buy this one for an old fancy engraved brass zippo to put it back in service, I've had good luck with Vector butane lighters.

  6. I picked up a Vector Thunderbird Butane Dual Flame Torch and Regular Gas Insert. The gas is off when opened until the torch is lit, then when you release the torch it makes a soft flame until it is closed. Waiting on my anniversary Zippo to come back from repair to check fit, but the insert works great out of the can. Good video.

  7. try wrapping some electric tape around the insert and im sure it will fit the gold zippo, maybe.

  8. This was a very informative video. I love how in-depth you went with how it how it worked. Thanks.

  9. If you was flicking the lid for 15minutes, it still wouldn't loose anywhere near as much as a traditional petrol lighter, why else would you have the lid open lol good video, thanks

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