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Yeowww Cigar Catnip Toy, Singles

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7” long and fully loaded with YEOWWW! organically grown catnip. This wonderful toy will take all the lickin’ and slobberin’ kitty can dish out.

Product Features

  • Catnip toys that Actually work
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% stuffed with Yeowww! organically grown catnip.

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  1. All the fun of a cigar, and no smoke! My cats once got a catnip stogie when my boyfriend went to Austin TX for a visit. They are not particularly impressed by normal catnip toys (dried and crushed is appealing for an hour, maybe). He brought it home, and they have been grooming and bunny-kicking it for over two years now! I decided to look for a new one, so I did some Amazon searching and found this.Now, I don’t remember what brand the old stogie was. And as I mentioned before, they don’t respond to everything with…

  2. Only indoor ‘smoking’ in my house Yeowww catnip toys are the best. Even our 19 year old who’d stopped playing a long time ago would bat at the catnip banana.If I thought they’d gone bananans over that toy, you should see the smoking fun over the cigar. Our youngest girl cuddles it then throws it away. They fight, they roll, it’s a laugh a minute.The best thing–nothing harmful here. The toy’s filled with all high-grade catnip. If they rip it open, nothing to mess up their guts.Rebecca…

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