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XIKAR Volta Cigar Lighter Review

Posted by in Lighter Review

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I review the XIKAR Volta quad flame table lighter. Check out my written review and much more at:

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  1. Dude the goofy Star Wars and 007 references with the sound effects keeps guys like interested. There’s so many videos on YT that can’t keep my attention. I can’t see the whole flame but I can hear it’s power. I have a crazy little pocket quad torch for a buck up-grade from CI. The thing is a beast I only use it on big rings. Yes, I’m a fan of white vehicles too.

  2. Got same lighter in stainless a couple years ago and love it. My son uses it in his cigar store and lounge and seems to deal with the high use. And the Xikar lifetime warranty can't be beat. Thanks for the review. Feel better.

  3. Is that a gshock mud master?

  4. Cigar McClain Did you know Xikar was sold to a large distributor in January? It brings me concern because I contacted customer service in January before I knew it was sold and it's been more than a week and no answer. Hopefully they don't take the brand down in quality and service. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Feel better brother. Sucks when you are sick. Look on the bright side…cigars will taste great when you get back to it

  6. I need a good torch to keep at the house. I'll look into this one. Thanks for the review!

  7. The vents are needed for the jetflame to work. If you take a look at other jetflame lighters, they all have some sorts of vents or openings. In order for a jetflame to function propperly the gas needs to be pre mixed with air. This happens before the gas enteres the nozzle.
    This is the reason why you experience the shutdown delay on some jetflames, because you still have some fuel/air mix left before the nozzle when you release the button 🙂

  8. Oh, and this stuff going around is NASTY…take care of yourself!

  9. Im definitely a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter fan, but that lighter is pretty sweet. Im in love with my Xikar Allume Double for everyday use and my little Allume Single in the Herf-a-Dor for travel. Cant beat Xikar for that lifetime warranty either. CHEERS

  10. I hope you get better bro !

  11. Question: do you not have issues with people stealing stuff off your porch? If this is sitting on a table outside, it'd be gone in a heartbeat normally, unfortunately.

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