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Xikar Turismo (Full Review) – Should I Smoke This

Posted by in Lighter Review

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  1. Great review as all your others….keep em coming Bro.

  2. Do you prefer this one over the Allume double that you reviewed? The reason I ask is that I have enough points from my cigar supplier to redeem the Turismo for free or pay full price for the Allume Double. I want to get the better one regardless.

  3. ótimo seu perfil, visita o nosso canal. Beijos

  4. Very nice lighter in the hand. Lights every time but the fuel tank is a bit small for me. I have no idea how much but it burns through the fuel a little to quick in my opinion.

  5. Since you get the Xikar for free try reviewing the HP3 I’m very interested.

  6. I never get the discount info.

  7. Great review Rob! I've been looking for a new one lately. I need to pick up a lighter that has less Jets and more fuel for when I travel. I'm currently using a 4 jet lighter that goes through fuel extremely fast! Something that will last for 7 days and two cigars on each day. Any thoughts or ideas?

  8. Have you seen the method of filling your lighter after leaving it in the fridge for a few minutes?

  9. Excelent like always mabe someday i buy one

  10. Does Xikar send you free lighters for you to review or do you purchase the yourself?

  11. That's a damn nice lighter. I need a proper cigar lighter anyway and you sold me. Thanks for the honest review. Well done.

  12. Great looking lighter! Will have to look into picking one up!

  13. I actually bought the flat flame after your review! Good work.

  14. That is a nice looking lighter for sure brother. Thanks for the review.

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