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XIKAR HumiFan™ Humidor Air Circulator

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XIKAR’s HumiFan™ Humidor Air Circulator provides intermittent air circulation to prevent stagnant conditions inside a humidor. This redistribution of air, occuring every 15 minutes for 15 seconds, diffuses inconsistent humidity levels, providing a more stable environment for cigar storage. The HumiFan is pre-programmed to simplify your cigar regulation process, and the compact size of the battery-powered unit maximizes your cigar storage capacity.

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  1. i have a 5 draw humidor and put 4 on each shelve, i must say working beautifully. told the wife 4 come in a pack so only purchased 5 other wise she gets funny with me, if only she were more easy going i wouldnt have to lie to her about so many little things, humidor fans, cars, ladies, work, holidays etc… poor thing

  2. It won't fit placing it upright with the tray in my Humidor. OK to lay on its side?

  3. I have an issue with mine. Maybe you have some suggestions….my fans light still blinks red after I installed new batteries?

  4. How would I place it in a 7 drawer cabinet? I have the Charleston cabinet. Would I need more than one?

  5. I got 2 of them in the hopes it would help my wineador. I just need a bit of circulation, but unfortunately the actual strength of the air coming out of these is too weak to help. They are not suitable for anything bigger than a 75 or 100 count at the very most. I put a small 1/4 inch square piece of tissue on the grills and it barely pushed the tissue off. It would be much more useful if you could a) dial up the speed or have a couple of settings, and b) set the duration or have a couple of options for that. The size of them is perfect for my wineador, but they just don't push enough air to be effective at all.

    To be fair, Xikar never claimed it was suitable for my size of humidor, so I'm not saying they didn't deliver what was promised. They could be more specific in their web pages about the strength of the units and what their intended uses are.

  6. I have a 300+ ct wineador so I do have experience with all devices.

  7. In a small -100ct humidor there is no way your going to have a 4% difference from top and bottom unless your not using proper humidity devices. I def wouldn't spend $40 on it. You can gladly send one to me for free and I'll test it and post results back to you. If it works I'll buy it if it doesn't I'll return it.

  8. After a bunch of searching, I can't figure out how to buy it. No sources come up at all. If you're going to announce a product, how about telling us how to buy it….?

  9. like it. time to find one online and test them out.

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