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Xikar HC Maduro – Cigar Review

Posted by in Cigar Review

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Xikar is famous for their accessories. How do their new cigars taste? Stick around for the outtake at the end!! No bull, just a brief, honest cigar review.



  1. It’s bitter because you are smoking that stick way too fast.

  2. Nice Job. BTW…Xikar Is Pronounced With The “X” Like A “Z”…Like
    Xylophone…….Zi Car. But, Thanks For The Review ;)

  3. Dude you gotta try the Excal 1066 in Maduro wrapper

  4. I appreciate the review! I noticed the wrapper caught fire on the light and
    you commented that your first draw was a little bitter. I’ve found that
    bitterness is usually caused by over-toasting the foot. Lately, I try to
    take a bit more time and just kiss the flame to the foot and I’ve found
    better results. I’m not trying to tell you how to handle your business –
    just sharing my experience. Keep it up, brother!

  5. Have you had a diminished taste since smoking cigars??
    I Totally Agree On The HC Maduro,.. A Sweet Cigar Basically!!

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