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WWII Trench Lighter Fixed Up & Working (Dunhill Service Lighter)

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  1. I know these from my childhood and they didn't have a seal at the top but they were great funn and smelled awesome when burning lol .Came in collors too :)

  2. Can u post another video in this aboht how u exactly fixed this? I just hot one and replaced the Flint but it doesn't work right now

  3. Are you stupid there was only trench warfare in wwI there were trenches in wwII but not trench warfare get you facts right

  4. what you said at the end about the story behind the lighter is exactly the way i feel and its what keeps me collecting stuff like this. recently i found a ww1 era trench art bullet knife that is basically a round of rifle ammo that had the bullet taken out and pocket knife blade jammed into the projectile then placed back into the casing. its so cool to think about the story behind something like that. was it a little time killing project someone did while they were stuck in the trench for weeks or months at a time. or could it have been some sly soldiers idea of a last ditch weapon to save his life if hes captured. i chase the mysteries with every piece i add to my collecting and in most cases we look at something and we know exactly what it was, but we will never know what it meant to the person who carried it, and that's the part that chills me to the bone.

  5. which episode of porn stars are you talking about???

  6. I mean the captions say "porn stars'

  7. why did you say 'ww2' instead of world war 2 . The full version has less syllables

  8. "certified sniper marksman"? that is not a thing…

  9. it's a ww2 lighter and theres a gas chamber

  10. They are hella expensive though :/

  11. So it's a Zippo without a case?

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