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World’s Most Powerful Burning Laser Lighter

Posted by in Lighter Review

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UPDATE: Better video here: Want one ? tutorial : or buy :…


  1. Avec quoi la tu fabriquer pourrait tu en faire une vidéo ??

  2. Great video but could you make a diy on this and show the links for what
    you need

  3. Hello, nice Video, i have the same laser, but it isn’t so strong as your
    lighter..please tell me which driver and what lens do you have in this
    I use a G2 lens, so it must be more powerful.

    Thanks a lot 

  4. tu la achete ou stp 

  5. DEFI :
    arriverait tu a decouper un cadenas avec tes lasers ? 

  6. tu pourait nous en faire une tuto

  7. Watch from 7:05 you will see cable conected with zippo and power.

  8. ▬▬▬.◙.▬▬▬ Bob is building an army to take down
    ═▂▄▄▓▄▄▂ An attack helicopter has
    ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤ ☻/ joined the army.
    █▄ █ー ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬ /▌ Copy and Paste this all over

  9. the laser cant do anything to the veiwers

  10. I want one asap 

  11. This could be an amazing terrorist weapon.

  12. Please make a tutorial 

  13. I want 1 XD 

  14. salut Est-ce que tu pourrais fair une vidéo ou tu explique comment on fait
    un briquet comme sa mais en français ? merci d’avance sinon super vidéo 1
    abonné en plus :)

  15. Avec quoi la tu fabriquer pourrait tu en faire une vidéo ??

  16. How much??

  17. Dang how much does that puppy cost, whatever it is, i’ll take it now

  18. What energy does it use? I understand its a laser, but does it run on
    batteries or something? and if so, how do you change the battery?


  20. Sorry but there is a huge potential for disaster in this reckless design,
    it’s a borderline boobytrap and you should take it apart now that you have
    had your fun.

  21. I want soo bad!!!!

  22. Im really confuse cuz i have a 3000mw green laser and it wont burn as
    powerful like yours

  23. unless your worried about your camera

  24. Steak n Fruit from some long distance ???

  25. Well, this is the gayest music on Earth. You win that award.

  26. did I spell that right?

  27. i want this 😀 for schooool

  28. Masterjoa sorry lol

  29. where did you buy this from or did you make it yourself? and if you made
    yourself can you build me one I will pay you for it

  30. Hey MasterJoe, I really would like to give this as a present to my friend.
    Would u be able to sell one to me?

  31. Make a tut

  32. C’est dangereux car je pense que sa peut brûler la peau :/

  33. The video is amazing!! The music sucks..

  34. Can i buy it ? 

  35. C pas dangereux

  36. Prototype of a lightsaber (all start small)

  37. Oh oh ,. now imagine drunk people playing with that.. soon sunglasses at
    new year will be standart for everyone .. just like fireextinguishers and
    stunning arrows to stop the mad ones.

  38. is there a reason why you protected the lens? what could the laser do to
    the camera? and i would like to buy one!

  39. I like it!What driver are you using,and what is the run time on the battery
    pack you are using.Nice build.

  40. where can i get one

  41. кто знает как делать это лазер мощьныи синий помогите мне пожалуста а то я
    пробовал делать и не смог если наидуться мне люди которыие позвоня и
    помогут я от благодорю их вот мои моб 078421276

  42. You have the list of the parts in my other video 😉 But I needed 2
    diode… the first one has been killed buy this f*cking “made in China”
    board :/

  43. Inside a lighter ? Have you got a video ? PS: Mine is over 2W. I use a G2
    lens and the laser is powered at 1.7A… I don’t have a laser powermeter
    but it could be 2.5W 😉

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