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Winter OUTDOOR Pipe Tobacco Review: Speakeasy by Cornell & Diehl

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The Appearance of Power book:
Speakeasy tobacco:
The “Sultanelli”:
“Sultanelli” Lucite stem:
Zippo windproof lighter:
My fave coffee:


  1. I know a coffeeshop called Speakeasy, and they don't sell coffee.

  2. Coffee with Jameson and Baileys and a splash of creme de menthe on a freezing cold night…

  3. Is your beard style goal like an exaggerated goatee?

  4. I wish I knew where my grandpas pipes were. He was a certified badass, coal miner, semi pro football player, Air Force in ww2, and state police officer. And I wanna get into pipe smoking cause I've heard it smells great and it's sweeter than cigars. Just don't know where to start especially since I'm in college and don't have the finances to buy a bunch of supplies.

  5. LMAO This is a great video especially when Mr.snowblower came rumbling through along with the Snow Shovel, LMAO again.

  6. Well crap, now all I see is the face of a tree spirt over your shoulder

  7. You ever get propane for the heater?…its worrying me

  8. Indeed a real relaxing video.

  9. Nothing beats a Zippo Sultan and it's such a classic! How you smoke outside in the cold is beyond me. As a former cigarette smoker, but I still smoke stogies (yes it's a Cigar but I like the term) and my pipes. I always found the cold air ruined the taste of the tobacco smoke and made the stuff taste raunchy! Worse than stale tobacco! As for the beard you want. It's what I have only with a big handlebar Mr Monopoly mustache. I like it a lot. Guess I'm gonna try that tobacco too sounds good.

  10. Do you recommend using pipe filters?

  11. Thanks for making this video! I will be in CH in a week seeing my family. Can't wait to sit outside in the snow smoking my pipe!

  12. I'm 100% with you on that one, being outdoors is amazing I spend most of my time outdoor work and leasure. I also enjoy smoking a pipe with a fresh ground black coffee, latikia blends are my favourite. I live in the UK a short drive from Whitby I believe this is where Bram Stoker got his inspection for Dracula. I'm a big fan of your videos, i find then very inspiring and innovating, thanks for sharing from a fellow bearded pipe smoking coffee drinking dude . All the very best Garry.

  13. Beards without boarders… shall it be returning Sir?

  14. Yo you should consider that green leaf bud

  15. Why would anybody thumbs down? Love these videos. 👍

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