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Wife Complains About Husband Watching Bikini Contest & Smoking Big Cigar LIVE

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A quick discussion on why a man can’t watch a bikini contest and smoke a cigar like the devil in the peace and quiet of his own living room. #marriage #divorce #cigar #devil #metoo

You can buy me a beer for a dollar, or contribute a small fortune so I can hire a film crew. Either way, thank you very much in advance.

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  1. Man. I just went to your website. You were in the military and a police officer. Good for you. The amount of good you did while in these two professions can not be measured. … Moment over. Anyway I actually enjoy your videos. Your channel is very entertaining

  2. happy halloween mark to u and family, you may buy that wife of yours a present to say sorry

  3. I don't know how people play cards sober. That's boring as shit.

  4. At the next bikini contest , do the low quality live stream – but also do a high quality gopro or other camera like your Sony that is not live but a video you upload later , so it has better quality. You’ll get double the views and turn out high quality videos

  5. Has anyone noticed that he repeats things like 100 times ?

  6. How many underage Ching Chong girls have you fucked

  7. I legitimately think you’re insane

  8. I would really like you to explain how you wrote a book.

  9. Make the next video in 4 k, people just have to buy another phone or puter if they can't watch that quality.

  10. One of the last times I tried to lick my first wife's pussy, she acted like she was being tortured…WTF, LOL.

  11. Dude, I almost choked to death spitting out my drink laughing when you said, "slide that sandwich over silently then exit the room".

  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your man relaxing after work. If he wants to drink some crown, smoke a cigar watching a bikini contest I am perfectly fine with that. As long as the bills are paid (which we both pay) he can relax as much as he wants. I rather him do that at home than partying in the streets.

    I don't mind the midget porn.👍

  13. if your wife complains you gotta hit her with the bamboo, let her know bro

  14. Nothing but my husband wouldn't be looking at the TV he would be on me. And I've never been in that position. But if I was I would. Not care I would be giving the context enough said. Lol much love sweetheart. I do appreciate a hard working man no problem here.

  15. Hey drunk ass,,,,,,,,,, better start looking for wife 7 ,,,,,,,,,, drunk pervert,,,,,,,,,,

  16. Hey fuck nuts,,,,,,,,, better find a divorce
    Lawyer this week!
    I can’t wait till Friday!!!!!!!
    Taking her out to her favorite restaurant

  17. You're a pioneer. Keep us men empowered brother. I had to edit my comment, I died when you told Mary to drop that sandwich off in silence.

  18. Gradulations Marcos!! YOU! have reached the GOLDEN TRIANGLE!!! A Triangle has 3 points. You Sir Marcos have reached two POINTS "2" 1st Point: YOU HAVE A WIFE (YOUR NOT GXY) 2nd Point YOU HAVE A YOUTUBE BUSINESS (YOUR NOT BANKRUPT)
    Congradualtions again the last point #"3" is: PROVING THAT YOU ARE %100 NOT GXY AND NOT BANKRUPT with all the proper documentation… DEADLINE 24HRS… YES IT'S REAL TASTE IT BROTHER MARCOS. Do not worry my son,,,, we will only hang you upside down by your scro dum as punishment. If you live… GREAT!!! You will be given the 3rd Point of the…(wait 4 it…) GOLDEN TRIANGLE. You will recieve a HUGE GOLDEN TRIANGLE BURNED INTO YOUR FOREHEAD… And your new name SIR,,,, Long Balls….
    I personally call this a,,,,:;—
    WIN WIN…………………..(: (;

  19. I don't see how you held it together after the midget porn comment, had me rolling

  20. Dude, love the videos, but you need to Podcast this stuff too. The dialogue would be very easy to upload and it will pull more traffic in. I'd kill to listen this on my commute. Keep it coming Mark! Live the dream…

  21. I just watched the whole live feed replay on a 2 hr drive and that was some hilarious shit! I actually needed to watch from beginning before I commented first time, some good points also piss funny haha keep being u mate and Fuk the politically correct fuckers 🕺🏼🤘

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