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Why I Smoke Pipes? – My New Favorite Pipe Tobacco!

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  1. "fusiliers" is pronounced "few-zer-leers"

    I've never smoked a pipe, thinking of trying it though, I'm a cigarette/cigar guy right now… so… question: can you really have a blend that "doesn't taste good" in one pipe, but tastes "great" in another ? I mean that's a hell of a swing. You're not saying it's marginally better, you're saying the SAME tobacco swings from not tasting good to tasting great JUST because of the pipe you're smoking it in ? I find that really hard to believe. It'd be like saying the same coffee tastes AWFUL in a paper cup, but delicious in a mug…

  2. I smoke cigars and pipes because it helps me not be to stressed and angry and i just happen to really enjoy it

  3. I smoke it for the fun of it enjoyable to

  4. All about the details and pipe smokeing Yupp helps with the Zen and relaxing perfect

  5. I've been smoking pipes since I was 19 (I'm 50 now). As a kid I always hated cigarettes but wanted to smoke a pipe. I didn't know any pipe smokers and YouTube didn't exist so I was on my own. Took awhile to get it worked out. Now I enjoy helping the younger crowd so they don't have to go through the same mistakes I did.

  6. I do agree with you on ALL but one point…. it’s still 30 blends. Anyways keep up the good work and hope to see more piping videos

  7. I don't mean to sit here and bash you about this, I don't have any issue with smokers, but especially at this young an age, how do you (or any who reads this and smokes) reconcile the fact that it's an addictive substance and is known to cause cancer, or am I missing something.

  8. What pipe is that. It looks like Bing Crosbys pipe

  9. There are a few reasons why I smoke a pipe. Firstly, it is because of what it symbolizes to me. The European style pipes and the tobacco plant marriage symbolize the blood that keeps me alive. I have French and Canadian First Nations indigenous blood. I come from quite an isolated place in northern Ontario, Canada. This isolation and being francophone in a mostly anglophone part of the world led me to search for my identity and place in it. Heck I'm still looking. But the pipe is a great symbol for me. A symbol of reconciliation for what happened here in the Americas when Europeans showed up to mettle with things. History is absolutely crazy and fascinating. Of course, the ritual meditation is an absolute god send. The pipe is also great with friends from sitting down and slowing things down to find solutions to problems or to solve conflicts. Anywho, happy piping.

  10. Irwin', so I'd reckon its GBD's second?

  11. Thanks for sharing this. I am cigar guy, but always wanted to get into smoking pipe. You gave some good insight.

  12. Excellent way to explain why we smoke a pipe!! Congrats, brother!

  13. I love a straight virginia in the summer =D

  14. OK, you have convinced me to try pipe smoking. I have always been interested in trying a pipe since my uncle smoked a pipe when I was a kid and I loved the aroma and everything about it. I have no idea where to begin…what do I need to buy to get started, where should I buy, what to do on day one? Could you please post a video or series geared towards the beginner pipe smoker or direct me to a resource to get started? I just discovered your channel and I like your relaxed manner and style and you're very informative, I've always been intimidated by other videos and didn't want to be stressed out by a hobby that I want to pursue as a relaxing pastime. I subbed today and I am looking forward to watching more of your vids on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Cheers!

  15. I really the video and I have my own special blend of different pipe tobacco that I mixed together

  16. Pipe Tobacco does not need a humidor, does not make your body smell like smoke and is way cheaper than cigars. Plus it's more fun cuz it is a bit of a chore to smoke.

  17. Still a beautiful billiard sandblast

  18. I smoke both pipes and cigars but would always choose the pipes 1st it's more meditative great video keep enjoying both be well !

  19. Great video. Glad I watched. You mentioned the pipe being an Irwin's 15? Is that right? I couldn't find it. I've been looking for a slim deep bowl.

  20. Totally agree with you on everything.

  21. Ah I thought the way you said Irwin was Erwin like as Rommel

  22. I enjoy both but I am a pipe smoker first. I try to only have 1-2 cigars a week. I do find it funny how much better pipe tobacco is the colder it is, it seems that way for most. Good video…

  23. Ritual? Meditation? We are not hippies Well most of us. I just want to smoke a lovely bowl but what pipe brand did you say that your smoking is and shape?

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