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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. First of all…Thank You For Your Service!!! I got into cigars for the exact reason you did!!! I love the fact that they are hand made, mostly anyway….a lot of thought and work goes into a cigar!! It's relaxing and something I can do for me!!! Like you…I say what I mean and I mean what I say and I don't apologize for that….I get that….guess it was my time in the Corps that made me that way!!! Right now I'm into the Southern Draw Rose of Sharon…good stick!!! Have a great one and UhRahh!!!

  2. Good job sir, keep them  coming.  You've got a new subscriber in me!

  3. Nice brotha! i just subbed.

  4. Thank you for doing this Why I Love Cigars video. I have been wanting to add more of these to my playlist, there are a few I have, but I am always wanting to get more, and hear new guys tell their story/reason why they love and smoke Cigars. As for a go to stick for me, it would be, the ROMEO in Toro, 6×54, by Romeo Y Julieta, I recommend it HIGHLY. While reviews have their place, I actually like smoke and chat videos best, but just seeing your videos is nice too. As for a first pipe for someone wishing to explore that smoking experience, guys tell ME, start with a cheap Corncob, and WATCH the videos on good starter tobaccos, how to pack, light, and then smoke the pipe. That's what I did. And thank you for letting us know that you still plan on doing a "gas station" cigars video. Can't wait to see that. I tell friends all the time, there is NO shame in smoking a cheaper cigar/illo if that is what you like and can afford. Any of those beat cigarettes anyday.

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