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Why Did My Cigar Lighter Stop Working Shortly After I Bought It? – Cigar 101

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Here’s a great question about torch flame lighters that has plagued cigars lovers for years: Tony C. wants to know, “Why do the brand new lighters I buy always seem to stop working not long after I purchase them… either they won’t light or the flame sputters.” Well, I’ve got the answer on how to fix that problem for good, so give this one a quick watch, now.

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  1. F u c king retarded!! Go roman yourself. That's how to fill a lighter, not take care of one. And definitely not fixing anything except the lack of fuel. Nice jewelry you fat f u c k.

  2. Thanks for the helpful informative tip. I never knew I had to do that! I could've saved myself over twenty bucks if I'd tuned into your channel earlier and avoided buying two replacement torch lighters. Oh well. Live and learn. BTW, is that a Chillin Moose you're smoking?

  3. How about those free lighters you get with Samplers like Aroma de Cuba? You know the ones that never light no matter what? Lol I bought three of those Samplers because I like the cigars so much, and I have one lighter that came with each sampler none of which have ever lit once. I bled them then filled it them and even with a Bic lighter they don't light. Garbage.

  4. Great info, I thought I just had back luck with lighters.

  5. Oh man Tommy!!! Thank you thank you

  6. I feel dumb now about a lighter for 25 bucks and end up throwing it away because I bled a couple times refilled it and it didn’t work. Need to work on my patients

  7. I've always had that problem, thanks to your video i fixed my ligthers!

  8. Thanks to this I just fixed a lighter I'd written off as dead a year ago. Also love those Camacho sticks, been smoking the Triple Maduro since I couldn't find the CAO MX3 anymore and haven't looked back

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