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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. liked this video, keep em commin'

  2. Yes, more history of cigars please.

  3. Leuk! Nooit geweten dat de bandjes nog zo "jong" zijn.
    Ik heb een postzegel verzamelboek waar ik mijn bandjes in verzamel, nouja niet alle, in het boekje gaan alleen degene die er nog niet in zitten. De rest van de wel gerookte en bewaarde bandjes wil in een dienblad van gaan maken. 😉

  4. My review conclusion: more cigar knowledge video

  5. Bedankt ik heb nog een leuke tip, het boek Sigaren van Anwer Bati is in Nederland 2002 uit gebracht door Librero. Daar staat de hele geschiedenis van de Sigaar in. Gr. Jan

  6. I’m on Instagram at w._matt_tinch_esq and I just found your page, today after seeing our photos in the top posts on Instagram’s #OpusX. Really like your page, and I enjoyed this video on the history of cigar bands. I’m now subscribed here and following you on Instagram. I look forward to seeing more. Cheers!

  7. Everything is good as long as it is about cigars, their accessories or where we can smoke them. 😀

  8. @DutchCigars wanna buy my cigar bands i have a great collection they are really special!!! Probably worth around 5 bucks!!

  9. Fonseca started the cigar bands and tissue paper.

  10. great video Dirk! I collect my cigar bands too!  I put them in a special book they made called "The Cigar Legend"  check it out I think you would like it.

  11. Leuk, laat maar komen die andere onderwerpen! Vooral ook de non-cuban reviews

  12. Nice educational episode bro. Thanks

  13. Great! Do more of these videos, so people will know more about cigars in general 🙂

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