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When Do I Refill the Humidifier in My Cigar Humidor? – Cigar 101

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In this video I show three of the most popular humidifiers used by cigar smokers – oasis foam, polyglycol crystals, and Boveda – and explain when and how to refill them. If you’re relatively new to storing premium cigars, or curious about how I approach each of these devices, watch the video now.

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  1. Rather than throw those Boveda packets away immediately, I've recycled them by sealing them in a Tupperware dish with a cup of distilled water. Within one week or so, they are soft and refilled. I can't say it will work multiple times, but at least you extend their usefulness.

  2. Great video. Thanks. At the end when you said that the cigar feels good, what do you mean? How does a good cigar feel?

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