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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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What’s next after LEAVING the Tim & Bradley Cigar Review

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  1. Hey Tim! Dad here. Wishing you the very best in this endeavor. I'm so proud of you! But, does your mother know you're smoking cigars?

  2. Tim you made the right move brother.. gonna miss the review and u to together.. looking forward to following u as u move forward.. Much love… TEFLONNNNNNN

  3. Awesome Tim! I can feel the passion you have. I too have always wanted that little piece of the world I could look at and say "that's mine I own that" Super proud of you man. Im really looking forward to your new stuff and they perspective you bring. Also I love the value aspect you bring which alot of other people tend to leave out. Praying for you brother. Good luck

  4. Looks like Big Boy won't have anyone to push around anymore He Seems very Cocky and has an Ego trip from time to time I'm Done with TNT Cigars!!!

  5. So you practically abandoned your friend and now rubbing salt in the wound by competing with TNT cigar review channel and his channel and not to mention you left your fans 🖕🏻

  6. There you go!!!!! Good Job Man Proud of you man!!!

  7. Subbed before I even watched the video. Goodluck and I wish the best for you and your future business. Definitely will buy.

  8. Looking forward to it Tim!! Subscribed!

  9. Go get your fair share Tim.
    Also Maverick called and he wants his jacket back.

  10. Subscribed! How exciting!! Congratulations! Will be following along, sounds like a fun journey!

  11. I wish you the best of luck on your new chapter of your life. You will be missed by you 70k plus audience.

  12. Good luck man. I’m a huge fan and I think that you can never be wrong by doing what’s best for you and your family. If you steal Dana that would be super epic. Haha.

  13. Don't know you, haven't followed you or the other guy but have seen a few of the TNT videos (Big Secret for one but it's a shame the theory wasn't put into practice). Best wishes in your future endeavors but I hope your new cigar company business and pricing model is better than TNT's. They're really not competitive with most of their sticks going for more than a dollar each higher than most online sites. I'm sure they have their following from the boutique stick niche who like paying brick and mortar prices. For example, I can buy Mi Querida and Macanudo for $20+ a box cheaper elsewhere. I'll buy a few things from them for those things I can't find anywhere else but those are rare instances (Lamborghini).

  14. Congratulations, I have no doubt this will be very successful!! Excited to see what’s coming, Tim!

  15. Will we ever see you two guys again on either channels?

  16. Shave the mustache dude, you look like your fifty, but all the support to you, i aint even 18

  17. Yaaay! I found your new channel!!! Good Luck

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