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What’s In My Humidor 2017

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Review of my tower humidor:

My last humidor tour for July 2017:

Thank you for watching!

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  1. Also you should check out TNT cigars awesome guys they also have a you tube called Tim an Bradley cigar review

  2. How much that big humidor

  3. The po boy sampler is all SHIT CIGARS, and you're right, the don rafael MIGHT be the only good one. But that doesn't mean i will buy it..

  4. C-A-O, thats hows its pronounced.

  5. I like that tall humidor with all the drawers. Nice way to store 100+ cigars as I mentioned in my other post. I have a small 20 ct humidor now thats pretty full so I will be adding a larger one soon. I noticed one Oliva band in your vase. That's my favorite brand. Love the V and V melanio the best. O and G and damn good too in both natural and maduro.

  6. I've not seen the Leaf cigars before. Very interesting! You have a great collection, brother. I'm loving that humidor~!!!!!

  7. Nice collection you have way more than me. I don't collect probably because I smoke every day LOL!!!! But I've probably smoked more than most collectors

  8. Great looking collection you got there! We've been wanting to try some Bolivar's for some time now. Might be pulling the trigger soon.

  9. Nice selection of cigars!

  10. Really nice humidor! I enjoyed this video!

  11. We have the same humidor, what's the chance of that happening in a lifetime. I like the way you stack em up, mine 7 stacker is virtually empty though, I expect two batches of deliveries tomorrow but will never buy cigars in the UK again…we pay the most expensive prices for cigars in the world. Like 4 times the price you pay in the US and 11 times the prices paid in Cuba.

  12. where do you get your music?

  13. nice intro and music!

  14. Since you like coffee with the cigar, try getting the Black Rifle AK47 Expresso.  Their other coffees are really good and cigars are meant to go with coffee…… or whiskey or scotch or rum but never tequila!

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