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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. Why can't I find the Padron alternatives on your website?

  2. I just started smoking cigars about a year ago, I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. I can't even stand to smell a cigarette now. My go to cigar is the Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua ( I haven't had an Alec Bradley I didn't like) I also like the Esteban Carreas Chupa Cabra Maduro…I am bummed that I started smoking cigars so late because otherwise I could have been a regular at your guy's shop. I am in Federal Law Enforcement and I had to move to Michigan from Phoenix a year ago. I just ordered over a 100 dollars of cigars from you and I am looking forward to smoking the Luna Roja when they get here! Love your Chanel. I look forward to many more years of orders from you guys!

  3. "Yardstick" Gotta love that term! Put up Christmas lights yesterday. My Yardstick was the Avo Classic #5. Absolutely love the natural creamy notes of that cigar. As a matter of fact, heading to the Mesa shop to get a few more sticks today.

  4. Usually an Oliva 2nd. Although Carillo 2nds are good too.

  5. something natural leaf and long filler for sure! great minds think alike good luck with the yard work Tim!!

  6. Well it's 30 degrees where I'm at so I don't smoke a thing in the yard right now. Most likely won't until late March or even into April. Thank god for my local smoke shop! (girlfriend wont let me smoke inside the house)

  7. gotta try that stick! enjoy building the fence brother

  8. I'm a new cigar smoker so it's whatever I can smoke fast without my wife complaining

  9. ManOWAR. Virtue in morning.
    ManOWAR Ruination in the evening

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