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Vlog 7 The new building and warehouse HUMIDOR!!!

Posted by in Cigar Humidor Reviews

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Welcome to my new headquarters. Over the next few weeks we’ll be turning this building into an epic online cigar mecca, but not before I give you the dime tour!

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  1. Congratulations. I'm gonna place an order with you!!

  2. Send your site out, can people buy singles from you site????

  3. Been following you for a while. Congrats. I'll definitely order from you guys. Good luck

  4. I’m as stoked as if it were MY store. Can’t wait for you to hang out your shingle!

  5. Hey Tim, I love your videos and wanted to tell you to keep up the great work. Your my go to person for anything cigar related. I was wondering if you will have and swishers or black and mild machine rolled cigars in your shop. Thanks -Caleb

  6. Hey will the online store require age 21? I’m 20 and it’s almost impossible to get any cigars online.

  7. So excited for this venture! Got you pinned on Google Maps already and will be keeping my finger on the pulse of Cigars Daily!

  8. LOL the Jackhammer. I don't know why I find that funny but I do

  9. Congrats brooo!!! I've wished to do something like this for several years! It can't be easy! Keep pushing and building and carving out your own piece of the pie!

  10. Congratulations. Love the enthusiasm.

  11. I am so stoked and proud of you brother! Can't wait to be one of your first customer! Keep on the great work!

  12. No sleeping at the office lol love you baby

  13. I kept hoping Bradley was behind the camera

  14. Wish you all the luck in the world. Anxious to see your grand opening.

  15. I am so happy for you. Congratulations to you and your family.

  16. Congratulations! Long ashes and well wishes. I know that had to be a good feeling walking into the physical location of a dream. I have a very similar dream, too many hurdles so far to accomplish but not giving up.

  17. Very happy for your progress so far, very quick, be smart in your business so you stay around a while. Congrats

  18. I'm not sure of your layout: There is a large space for smoking that could be used for cigars .

  19. Congrats brother. Love your vision and passion!

  20. Gotta start small and eventually you'll get an even bigger warehouse. Good luck!

  21. this is awesome I cant wait to see the finish product.

  22. WTG Tim! Lots of potential there.

  23. Congrats brotha!!!!! Well deserved!!!!! 💥👊🏻💥

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