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Video Gallery of fine cigar reviews from around the world from a variety of public sources
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  1. I'm going to have try escudo it's definantly on my list

  2. That tobacco looks delicious! Gotta try me some. Great review!

  3. Well looky there. It berg .. man it's great to see you my friend . I don't have any OMS PIPES . Salaam sent me some stickers and I will have me a couple OMS PIPES . I have my eye on a Dublin and an Anse of course . Just gonna have to wait. Funds are focused on my medical bills right now but enough of that . Love watching your videos my friend. I just tried Peter Stokkebye flake and man that is some good stuff .. well thanks for sharing brother you and Ms Rhonda take care and God Bless

  4. Fantastic review! I also have some old Escudo. Looking forward to cracking into it. Thanks, Berg.

  5. Interesting color difference. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Berg ol buddy great video!! Keep on Chooching.

  7. Good to see you mate, keep on choochin ol Berg 👍👌🤘🖖

  8. cool video. I bet that older escuto is really good. really nice pipes too. again, great video!

  9. I was choochin on my ol' lady last night, she says 'Rooster' can ya chooch a little lower? Apparently I was choochin on her belly button by mistake…keep a choochin' (dat's what she said)

  10. good to see ya berg you know what ya say bro ,you keep a choochin bruda

  11. MAN BERG! That was making my mouth water, yes it was! Caramel and bread! Boy oh boy the color change on two tins are off the charts. Thanks for shareing with us brother, I look forward to the next one! Blessings brother!

  12. Very nice brother. Have a good'n.

  13. Mmmmm……!! Nice! Enjoy that Aged Escudo,brother. And sweep the floor for any leftover crumbs,too! Happy Smokes. Bones(SGB)

  14. Glad to see you back brother! Glad you enjoyed that old escudo! I know mine gave me one of my best smokes ever! Happy smokes buddy!

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