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Velvet Pipe Tobacco Review

Posted by in Pipe Tobacco Review

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Finally did a review of the Artful Codger’s favorite pipe tobacco, Velvet: America’s smoothest smoke! Enjoy!


  1. Nice review! Ever try lane ready rubbed? Granger? You are not far fromI wan ries ever go??

  2. Right on man! Rest your weary tastebuds on old time burleys, and you'll find a warm home with a door that's always open!
    I really do appreciate the support and kind words.
    It took me 18 years to really fall back and settle on Velvet and the old-fashioned burley blends. They are simple, consistent, mild, and sweet… all a real pipe smoker could ask for, with none of the fuss, hype, or pretense that comes with some of the "higher end" stuff guys babble about.
    Velvet was burning in pipes in the trenches in france, and on aircraft carriers in the pacific. Those same guys smoked it in their 56 chevys and when they built playsets for their kids, and went fishing with their grandkids.
    It's damn sure good enough for me.

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